Just like pets, your plants also need regular care and grooming. Unfortunately, you only get to know about their needs when the damage actually takes place. Plants are living forms that need watering and fertilizing to grow and remain in a healthy state. The biggest mistake gardeners make is to completely rely on watering for plant care. Different types of plants have their own requirements and routines regarding nutrition, watering and grooming. If this pattern is altered, this will be like changing your diet and eating routine.

Monitoring the soil quality
Another important aspect of plant care is the quality of soil. If proper caring of plants is still not producing the desired results, it may be the soil that needs to be monitored. The pH value of soil plays a significant role in maintaining its quality. A pH meter can be used to easily determine the soil’s pH value or you can also contact your local plant health services to get the numbers for you. These professionals take soil samples from various places and take the readings. By the results derived, you can take further decisions on how to improve the condition of the soil to let you grow the plants you want in your garden.

Garden soil with a pH range between 1 and 7 is acidic in nature while soil with pH 7 is neutral and from 7 to 14, it is alkaline in nature. The soil being too acidic in nature reduces the plants’ ability to extract nutrients like potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen they need. Rather, these tend to take toxic metals that make them susceptible to poisoning. On the other hand, alkaline soil keeps the plants from absorbing the right amounts of iron and manganese. Plant care professionals can suggest you effective measures that can be taken to improve the condition of the soil.

Tree pruning is one of the most important plant grooming activities which is essential for small plants and as well as trees. Pruning is done to give a proper shape to the plants and avoid them from growing improperly. It also helps avoiding delicate plants from bending and other issues. Pruning is not as simple as it sounds; it is not just cutting the overly grown branches or twigs of plants. There are certain rules to be followed as a wrong cut may damage the whole plant. Professional pruners have special tools and a hand on experience to prune the plants properly. For snipping long trees, equipments like cranes or ladders may also be needed to reach the higher ends.

If the plants have certain types of diseases, the process of pruning may also help in removing the affected areas and avoid the growth of the disease in future. You can also give specific shapes to your plants and trees with the help of pruning to increase the aesthetic beauty of your garden.

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