Palmistry is one of the most popular branches of divination. In this method of astrology predictions are made on the basis of body parts, skin color and etc. palmistry got its name from the palms as it studies the characteristics of the palm such as shape, color, lines and signs. In this article we will discuss the color of the palm and the role it play in determining your destiny.

You may have consulted a palmist or have seen people going to a palmist to know about their future. You might have wondered how is it possible for a palmist to know about your future, health, character traits and qualities by simply observing the palm. According to palmistry the lines in the palms alone cannot provide accurate future predictions and information about your nature. To offer accuracy in future prediction, palmistry gives equal significance to the color of palm and skin type of a native.

Let’s see how palm color determines our traits. First observe your palm minutely then do the same with another person, you will see that your palm color is a different than the other person’s palm color. A Palmist predicts your future from the fate lines in the palm and tell about your health and character from the palm color. For instance if the color of your palm is yellowish then it means that there is less blood in your body i.e. you may suffer from anemia and apart from this you may have selfishness in your character.

According to palmistry if a native has yellowish palm it indicates that there might be a disease within the body. He or she might have a liver related disease. The yellow colour of the palm indicates the native’s short temper too.

If some parts of the palm appear reddish then it means he or she may have problems related with blood pressure. It also reflects the personality of the natives who lose their temper on little issues.

If the palm color is very red it means that the native is very aggressive. He simply cannot control his anger and even go to the extent of fighting. The deep red color of the palm indicates that the native may suffer from a nerve related disease in his life.

Pinkish palm indicates liveliness and good health. People having such palm color are optimistic about life. They lead their life cheerfully.

Bluish palm means the blood movement is slow in the body of the native. The native might have a sluggish nature. Palmist says that amongst different palm color the pink palms are best for human nature as well as for health.

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