What is Java?
You can consider Java a universally useful, protest arranged dialect that looks a great deal like C and C++, yet which is simpler to utilize and gives you a chance to make more strong projects. Shockingly, this definition doesn't give you much understanding into Java. A more itemized definition from Sun Microsystems is as applicable today as it was in 2000.
Java is a basic, protest situated; organize clever, deciphered, strong, secure, engineering unbiased, versatile, superior, multithreaded, dynamic scripting language.
We should consider each of these definitions independently:
Java is a basic language:
Java was at first demonstrated after C and C++, short some conceivably befuddling highlights. Pointers, numerous usage legacy, and administrator over-burdening are some C/C++ highlights that are not some portion of Java. An element not ordered in C/C++, but rather fundamental to Java, is a trash accumulation office that consequently recovers questions and exhibits.
Java is a protest arranged language:
Java's protest arranged concentrate gives designers a chance to take a shot at adjusting Java to take care of an issue, as opposed to compelling us to control the issue to meet dialect imperatives. This is not the same as an organized dialect like C. For instance, though Java gives you a chance to concentrate on investment account objects, C expects you to ponder bank account state and practices, (for example, store and withdrawal).

Java is a system insightful language:
Java's broad system library makes it simple to adapt to Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) organize conventions like HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and disentangles the errand of making system associations. Besides, Java projects can get to objects over a TCP/IP organize, by means of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), without breaking a sweat as you would have getting to them from the neighborhood record framework.
Java is a translated language:
At runtime, a Java program in a roundabout way executes on the fundamental stage (like Windows or Linux) through a virtual machine (which is a product portrayal of a theoretical stage) and the related execution condition. The virtual machine deciphers the Java program's bytecodes (directions and related information) to stage particular guidelines through translation. Elucidation is the demonstration of making sense of what a bytecode guideline means and after that picking identical "canned" stage particular directions to execute.

Java is a strong language:
Java programs must be solid since they are utilized as a part of both customer and mission-basic applications, going from Blu-beam players to vehicle-route or air-control frameworks. Dialect includes that assistance make Java powerful incorporate announcements, copy sort checking at order time and runtime (to forestall variant bungle issues), Another part of Java's heartiness is that circles must be controlled by Boolean articulations rather than number articulations where 0 is false and a nonzero esteem is valid. For instance, Java doesn't permit a C-style circle, for example, while (x) x++; on the grounds that the circle won't not end where anticipated. Rather, you should unequivocally give a Boolean articulation, for example, while (x != 10) x++; (which implies the circle will keep running until the point that x squares with 10).
Java is a protected language:
Java programs are utilized as a part of organized/circulated situations. Since Java projects can move to and execute on a system's different stages, it's essential to protect these stages from malevolent code that may spread infections, take charge card data, or perform different noxious acts. Java dialect includes that help power work with security highlights, for example, the Java sandbox security model and open key encryption. Together these highlights counteract infections and different unsafe code from wreaking destruction on a clueless stage.

Java is a design impartial language:
Systems interface stages with various structures in view of different chip and working frameworks. You can't anticipate that Java will produce stage particular directions and have these guidelines "comprehended" by a wide range of stages that are a piece of a system.
Java is a convenient language:
Engineering impartiality adds to convey ability. Be that as it may, there is something else entirely to Java's versatility than stage autonomous byte code guidelines. Consider that number sort sizes must not differ. For instance, the 32-bit whole number sort should dependably be marked and possess 32 bits, paying little mind to where the 32-bit whole number is prepared (e.g., a stage with 16-bit enlists, a stage with 32-bit registers, or a stage with 64-bit registers). Java's libraries additionally add to convenience. Where vital, they give sorts that interface Java code with stage particular abilities in the most versatile way conceivable.

Java is a superior language:
Understanding yields a level of execution that is normally more than satisfactory. For superior application situations Java utilizes without a moment to spare arrangement, which breaks down translated bytecode guideline successions and incorporates often deciphered direction groupings to stage particular guidelines. Java is a multithreaded language:
To enhance the execution of projects that must fulfill a few errands on the double, Java underpins the idea of strung execution. For instance, a program that deals with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) while sitting tight for contribution from a system association utilizes another string to play out the hold up as opposed to utilizing the default GUI string for the two assignments. This keeps the GUI responsive. Java's synchronization primitives enable strings to securely impart information between them without undermining the information
Java is a dynamic language:
Since interconnections between program code and libraries happen progressively at runtime, it isn't important to expressly interface them. Therefore, when a program or one of its libraries advances (for example, for a bug fix or execution change), an engineer just needs to appropriate the refreshed program or library.

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