Human beings are the best creature of Allah Almighty. When a child is born, it said that he is born on the nature of Islam because Islam is a religion of purity and the child is born with full purity and he is in the state of innocence. He cannot commit any mistake while he is child. Islam forbids all the Muslims to remain away from bad habits. But when a child grows he starts making mistakes and does evil things. He cannot control himself therefore, Allah has blessed Muslims with such worships that give him a chance to remain away from all sins. These worships are Hajj and Umrah. Cheap Umrah packages from Manchester by Umrah Experts and packages offered by many other travel agencies make the journey of Muslims very easy.

There are five main pillars of Islam. These are:

1. Kalma Shahadah:
2. Prayer
3. Roza
4. Zakat
5. Hajj

These are main worships of Islam on the base of which Islam stands. These doings make the character of a person very strong. Hajj is also among the pillars of Islam. Hajj builds good characteristics in a Muslim. Modern researches show that Hajj is the best way to create love among all the human beings and to dismiss all the enemies among the people. Explained below are the doings of Hajj and their effects in the character building of a person.

Wearing of Ihram:

As Ihram is a simple white dress without any fashion it makes a person simple. Wearing two unstitched pieces of cloth also memorize Muslims for the death. Death is the ultimate reality of life. A person comes in world to die. Wearing Ihram makes a person ready to prepare himself for death. So he starts doing good deeds.
On the other hand white dress makes him so simple no matter what he used to wear before wearing Ihram. The other benefit is that not only single person wears Ihram but all the Muslims wear the same simple white dress. Wearing same dress creates unity among all the Muslims.


All the Muslims together perform the Tawaf of Kabah. It represents the dedication for a purpose. All the Muslims together performing Tawaf become united and all the hates and egos are finished during this process. It also reveals the importance of Kabah in the lives of Muslims and on the earth.


Sa’eey is the name of running seven times between Safa and Marwa. The total distance between these two hills is 450 meters. Taking seven rounds make total of almost 3 kilometers or 3.2 kilometers. Completing seven rounds between these two hills creates the ability of achieving goals in the life of Muslims. It is the best way to make Muslims constant in their life.

The whole world is impressed by this gathering of Muslims. Allah knows best that what is good for my creatures therefore, He blessed the Ummah of His beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) with doings that are very beneficial in their life. Muslims remain away from all the bad habits because bad activities are forbidden during the days of Hajj. It becomes the habit of a person to live away from such activities.

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