Film production is an awesome journey starting from the phase of imagination and thoughts to making a visual interpretation. Presenting a film is an intricate, long and complex process with a couple of stages including development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. In Dubai, a wide range of film production houses leading the UAE Media & Film Industry. This content will help to shed light on the best film production companies in Dubai which help the industry to achieve a global position in the film and entertainment industry.

Best Film Production Companies in Dubai

Best Film Production Houses in Dubai

In the field of film and entertainment, UAE Media & Film Industry is a familiar name because of its expanded Film Production Houses in Dubai.

1. Sky Rocket Media

A corporate video production company in Dubai is a wonderful platform for innovative video production. In this film production house corporate films, animation films and TV commercials are effectively presented. They are also popular for their post-production film works with the latest technology such as 360-degree film production equipment.

Sky Rocket Media - Corporate Video Production Company Dubai

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They have a well-furnished media production house in Dubai and produce top-quality commercial movies and animation films. They work with professional editors, cameraman, writers, directors, and expertise in infographics and 3D. Apart from this, documentaries, advertisements, video editing, line production, and content videos are also produced in their house.

2. I Heart Content

As a leading Dubai-based film production house I Heart Content is well developed with dedicated editors, videographers, animators, directors and producers. They offer all forms of videos for all occasions and always produce the top-notch quality videos with exclusively talented i-house team. This is one of the most leading corporate video production companies in Dubai. Apart from film production, they are also recognized as to serve predominant photography events, designing and for shooting commercial advertisements.

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They have a good infrastructure and work with extra-ordinary high-tech equipment to produce impressive video projects and documentaries. With the help of expert videographers and editors, they can shoot both single-camera interviews to multiple cameras live streams and commercial advertisements.

3. Epic Films

This is one of the most reliable film production and facilitation companies in the Middle East. They have several passionate filmmakers and they love to produce classic films and contents. They offer different services including corporate films, music videos, TV commercials, documentaries, production facilitation. Epic Films has worked with the most efficient experienced professionals like Robbie McAree and David Murphy.

Film Production Houses in Dubai

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Since two decades this film production houses gift their audiences many impressive videos and films.

We have discussed about a number of film production houses in Dubai, which plays a crucial role in presenting the UAE Media & Film Industry into a familiar position.

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