A lot of people are so much very protective of their coffee and will not probably want to hear all of the important things they ought to know on the health problems associated with it. Many people don’t even want to know the side effects, some are so much in love with it. I was at a coffee shop last week, there was a customer there telling someone he loves coffee, he said to the extent that coffee is part of things he can’t do without. He said “i like coffee and maybe 3 people, I just like it and those three people only” when they asked him who are those three people he told us his wife and two kids. The coffee shop attendant also confirms it that he likes coffee a lot, he takes a lot of cup of coffee each day. People like that for sure don’t know any side effects of it, and later will affect them. We will be discussing on two side effects of coffee


Coffee drinking can stimulate peristalsis, the process in the digestive tract that makes us go to the bathroom. Many people out there use it only deliberately as a laxative, but there’s a serious problem with this. By stimulating peristalsis, coffee appears to promote increased gastric emptying, in which by the stomach’s contents are a lot quickly passed into the small intestines, frequently before the digesting food has been properly broken down. In this partially digested state, it makes it much more difficult for nutrients to be absorbed from your food. It also increases the chances of irritation and inflammation within the gastrointestinal tract.


Frequent drinking of lot of coffee will speed up the release of the stress hormone cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine. Those chemicals will increase the body’s heart rate, tension level and blood level. We do say we drink coffee to give us energy. But for so much of us, has it gone further than giving just energy and has turned into some kind of jittery tension that is always on which makes it difficult for us relax? Maybe it has been pushing you to get through the paperwork, but longer-term the health implications of this kind of ongoing stress are significant.

Turning on of the stress hormones with just a cup of coffee when you are eating also tamper with the digestive process. When you are in ‘fight /flight’ mode, your body will have to divert its resources to being ready for a potential threat and digestion suffers as a result.

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