If you’re the type of woman who doesn’t leave the house without applying makeup then you must be wreaking havoc on your skin. Different skin types react differently to makeup. Some face a few side effects while for some, it is a total different ballgame. The reason is simple, some people have rough, dry skin while some don’t.

Applying makeup on your face can lead to catastrophic results if precautions aren’t taken because there are many harmful chemicals present in the cosmetic products you use such as foundations, lipsticks, powders etc. You must firstly make sure to use products from a reliable beauty company. radha beauty Products are trustworthy as they contain no harmful chemicals and have no side effects, but even then you must take steps to reduce the side effects of makeup as too much of anything is bad for your skin.

Here are some of the side effects you can face while applying makeup:

Clogged Pores Leading To Pimples

Some skin types don’t blend well with makeup and block skin pores. When this happens, you see the most frustrating things on your face: pimples. Pimples are hair follicles plugged with oil which shows at places where bacterial activity is at large. Hair follicles on our skin get clogged when foundations and powders of different sorts are applied on the skin and this leads to pimples.

It is recommended that you use oil free makeup and the one which suits your skin type and promotes less pimples.

Patches and Dark Circles

Patches are one of the most common types of side effects of applying heavy makeup. They make your skin look dull and mismatch the color of your remaining body. Some patches can stay on the skin for a long period of time depending on the skin type. This happens when you apply makeup for too long and as a result of which, your skin gets de-moisturized and leaves makeup creases on your skin which can turn into dark complexions. If you happen to suffer from makeup patches then you need to get your skin properly moisturized by using olive oil, moisturizers or cotton dipped in milk also helps.

Another frustrating thing that makes you look

unattractive and is one of the biggest side effects of applying too much make up is to get dark circles under the eyes. These black moons are also a sign of a bad health and mostly, lack of sleep. However, they can also appear when a person tries to apply too much makeup under the eyes to brighten the area. The remedy for dark circles is the old traditional technique of applying milk on the affected area with the help of a cotton or placing pieces of cucumber on the eyes to lighten the dark circles and reduce the puffiness under eyes.


Applying heavy makeup under unsuitable temperature can cause skin infections such as boils. Boils are mainly responsible to make some areas of your skin go red and sore. This is a serious type of skin infection and DIY techniques should be avoided in this case. The wise choice here is to consult a skin specialist and get the treatment because there are various dangerous chemicals involved in this type of skin infection.


Nobody wants to look old before age. However, when you apply too much makeup and that too, very often, you are prone to get wrinkles around the edges of your eyes. Wrinkles appear on your face when important skin chemicals such as vitamins and minerals are sucked off due to applying too much makeup. This damages the texture and solidness of your skin.

Therefore, you should always wash off your makeup before going to bed so that the chemicals are washed off of your skin. You can also apply some drops of olive oil at the side of your eyes to keep wrinkles at bay.

Skin Cancer

Untrusted products which are low in cost can stimulate cancer cells in some women. This is because they are not lab tested and contain harmful chemicals that damage the skin. However, opting for branded cosmetics is safer as they are lab tested and approved products and are safe to use.

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