The Siberian Husky is a beautiful big breed that was originally used as a working dog in places with cold climate. The athletic and strong build plus the stamina that it packs made it very good at pulling sleds with heavy cargo or people. Its thick coat helped it seal in the warmth it needed to combat the extreme weather. This is what made them the preferred choice of dog breed amongst countries like Alaska; they are one of the few breeds that can withstand the such harsh weather. Aside from being a slave, the Siberian Husky makes a great hunting companion.

They're part wolf, so they have the natural instinct to chase running animals. Though this is a big animal we're talking about here, do no doubt the physical capabilities it's capable of. They can move very fast, have quick reflexes, and a mind that's as sharp as a blade. Another thing is their sense of smell, which would come in handy while searching for little animals to blast a hole in. Being a direct relative of the wolf can mean pet behavioral problems- there are several natural instincts that it comes with that you may not find so pleasing. Howling for instance, is something that wolves do all the time, which is also to be expected from a Siberian Husky.

It's possible that it would howl at night, and then the other nearby dogs would howl back, initiating a chain reaction of endless howls. For some of this breed, that could be a very hard habit to control, but nevertheless there's always a possibility that it can be fixed. Don't expect it to go away instantly though, it'll take time and effort. Another issue that's bound to happen is restlessness – this is usually caused by having it locked up inside the house all the time, or not giving it enough exercise. The Siberian Husky is a dog that needs to run free and wild (under supervision) on the open outdoors.

Therefore if you live in the city or in an apartment, this breed isn't the one you're looking for. It needs constant exercise because it's basically a working dog full of energy – take it out for extreme activities like running or hiking. You won't have to worry much about stressing it out; you'll probably be exhausted long before it even starts warming up. This pooch has the tendency to be overprotective – don't be surprised if it'll grow suspicious of visitors, friends, or family coming over. To deal with that, socialization will most definitely be needed. This is a must for all pets of this breed - not doing so can make it become aggressive.

With the right techniques, you could use that attribute for turning it into a watch dog. Another thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't get along very well with smaller pets. If you have other animals in the house, its hunting instincts might kick in. It'll track down wherever you're keeping the other pet and move in for the kill. So as you can tell there are special conditions that must be met if ever you decide to own a Siberian Husky - think things over before deciding to get one. If you do own one, and you're still having many issues with it, then you should consider using different dog training methods.

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