Shyness needs to be overcome.

For some people shyness can really hold them back in life, if this is applicable in your life, then you should want to do something about it.

Shyness can really affect your life in a negative way, either at work or your social life. It can make it very hard to form any kind of relationship with anyone. Sometimes it can even be hard to have fun when you are shy.

Anyway how do I propose to do something about it? Well here are some basic ideas that can be used to overcome shyness each and every day:

* Ask a stranger for the time
* Ask for directions in the street
* Give your opinion about something
* Go to art galleries and make a comment about the art work
* Try speed dating (if you are single)
* Go to a singles event (if you are single)
* Take up a new hobby
* Go to evening school and learn a language
* Get a part time job in retail
* Volunteer in your local community, help those less fortunate then yourself
* Go into a shop and ask the assistant for help
* Go into a travel agents and ask about a particular country

I think people who are shy need to lighten up, not take things so seriously and try to live in the moment. Shy people tend to spend too much time thinking about things, either in the past or the future and very little amounts of time actually living in the NOW!

Here are some ideas you might like to try to help you, try and come up with some of your own:

Go out tomorrow and ask 5 people for their name, don’t worry about giving yours, just start a conversation about anything that fits in with the situation and then ask for their name. Then smile and say ‘take care’ and move on.

Try it tomorrow! How hard can it be?

Here’s something else you can do, go to an art gallery and walk around, when you see someone else looking at a painting go and make a comment about it, then ask them if they know much about art, if they do ask if they know of any other good exhibitions in town?

Or what about this?

Go to a bus station and ask what time a certain bus leaves. Ask about different types of tickets. This may seem silly and pointless (especially) as you don’t need to take a bus, but it gets you interacting and initiating conversations. Remember; a journey of 1000 miles starts with a few small steps.

Go out and do this, slowly your confidence will grow and you will be able to talk for longer and move onto different topics, but for now just try these simple tasks and see how you get on.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Alexander Wood is a personal development and self-help writer, he is also the author and creator of, a website dedicated to helping people who are looking to make changes in their life.