Do you want to know the single best way to pump your profits and skyrocket your success? (Wow! That’s a good bullet point for a future marketing campaign!)

I’m going to give you a hint. It’s an inner game technique.

Make a solid decision that you will indeed get exactly what you want in your desired time frame. Period. The end.

You have to shut the back door on the options you don’t like in the success scenarios you’ve created in your head.

If you want to stop paying bills on your credit cards, don’t offer yourself that option.

If you’re sick and tired of taking on clients who don’t pay well, stop saying yes to them. It doesn’t matter how much you want their money. Just say NO!

Tired of your marketing falling on deaf ears? Don’t take another marketing action unless you are really committed to changing up your mindset and strategy. Do not push marketing through, even though you need more income right now.

Here’s the deal…when you leave yourself the option of acting the same way or doing the same thing tomorrow as you did today, nothing will change.

When I first hired my marketing mentor, I was excited. However, I didn’t know that five of my one-on-one coaching clients would all complete their contracts with me in the same month. Now I was panicking about spending an extra few thousand each month.

I realllly didn’t want to give up my mentor, but I hated scrambling to pay him each month. Finally I said to myself, “I am NOT struggling with this anymore. NO more worrying that if I pay him, I won’t be able to pay the rest of my team. I’m not going to give myself the option of racking up debt on my business credit card indefinitely.

I will easily pay this guy every month, in a timely manner. Period, the end!”

I never had a problem paying him after that moment. I shut the back door on all the options that didn’t feel good. I resolved that I had made up my mind and that was that! BAM!

If you have a backup plan for your challenge, it provides peace of mind. But don’t rely on the backup plan. You are the creator of your outcome and how you respond to manifesting your goals.

Be in your power by opening the front door and closing the back door. Don’t let your sneaky little Gremlins convince you that you can’t change your outcome buy simply changing your mind.

Use gusto, bravado and courage when you lay those less than desirable options to rest. Play to win. The only ‘what ifs’ you should contemplate are the ones that make you feel like a rock star.

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