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Weddings ought to be exceptionally beautiful. After all, it is the most important decision of anybody’s life, and once in a lifetime experience. So anyone, of course, would want to make it distinctive. Let’s have a look at some latest wedding trends and decor ideas, by using which your wedding will be a “one in a million”.

Following are some ‘latest wedding trends’


A very popular and exquisite attraction for the guests and also one of the latest wedding trends. People capture their own memories, and it also becomes a part of your wedding party. Variety of props, frames, and sometimes crazy items (like oversized sunglasses) are kept at the photo booth, and the pictures clicked there to become a cherishable memory of your wedding for them. Moreover, it is always fun to flaunt such unique photos.


Get down on the floor with your “The One” on the day of your wedding and see how your guests react to that. Get yourself choreographed by someone who is good at it, plan out a proper act and present it on your big day. If you wish to, involve your parents in the act too, but make sure, keep it a surprise. And after all, dance connects hearts. It will take time to practice, but it is a special day too.


Of course, you will get cards printed for your wedding, but in a time moving at such a fast pace, it is not really so easy and convenient to go and distribute cards among everyone you wish to invite. Social Media is a better and a faster way of reaching out to the people. Get some extremely interactive and exclusive creatives designed for your wedding, and post it on your social media, send to everyone and call everyone to attend it.


Hang some flowers, paper chits with something written on them, or just anything unique, because it looks unique and beautiful in a wedding, and it will for sure be an attraction for the guests and it has to be noticed by people anyhow. It becomes better if either it matches the venue’s color, or it is in contrast to it.


The conventional round table seating is not an idea as unique as you want your wedding to be. Get some sofas, glass tables and make your guests comfortable and let them fully chill and watch everything in a relaxed mood. If not for all, keep it for some special guests.

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