Showing Up At Ex Boyfriend's House: Should I Show Up At My Ex's House - I Showed Up At My Ex's House

Suddenly you have become one of the victims, you and your ex have broken up. Of course it did not come as a big surprise because the relationship had been deteriorating for some time, passion had gone stale and ended up almost mechanical. The ending was quite cruel and, thank God, the hostilities did not last that long.

Here you are, alone the house that, in spite of all the memories and nick-knacks, family pictures and other personal items, has taken on a new meaning, one of total despair. From the inside you feel like pulling any picture of your boyfriend out of the house and either throw them in the garbage or, better still, make a bonfire and make them be gone forever and out of your mind. However, you discover that every time you look at or get closer to any one of these images your heart still aches for him and gives you an exciting feeling. You want and need him back.

Fortunately, within an hour of the breakup, your neighbor called and came over immediately. Instead of being in that empty shell of my house you walked over to Burger King to get something to eat and let your emotions go free. You are thankful for the friend and are at ease and relaxed for the time being.

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You have already decided that you want him back and will do anything and everything possible to get him back. Your relationship was just prior to the breakup cool for most of the time, but you realize that you were not the only couple with problems. You need to make a plan on how to get your boyfriend back in your arms, but it must be done in the right way and especially by showing your affection for him without showing any desperation. Starting again requires that you must resolve and discuss most of the mix-ups you had previously. With love and where there is a will there is a way.

Make sure to educate yourself, learn how to approach him in such a way that he wants to rush back to you and show you the passion you have been wanting all the time.

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Losing your boyfriend is never an easy thing. You want him back, yet he will not answer any of your phone calls or text messages, so what do you do? First of all, remember it is not too late. There is still time to get him back, but you have to act fast and you have to act smart. If you wait too long, he will be gone forever.

Cheer Up

Your boyfriend doesn't want to be with someone who is crying all the time. No one does! Brighten your disposition so that he can be reminded about the person he got with in the first place. Show him that you are still someone worth being with.

Can the Gifts

Sending your boyfriend gifts is jut rewarding him for breaking up with you. Instead of giving him gifts, you should be giving him reminders about why he fell in love with you in the first place. It is the little things which make the heart grow fonder.

Get Out There

Many are afraid to go out on dates because they want to remind their ex they are available. He is NOT staying home at night. You need to show him that you will not just wait around for him. This will draw him back to you as quickly as possible.

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Stay Away

Do not go over to your ex-boyfriend's house every chance you get. He wanted space from you and the more you pester him, the more you are showing that he need to make a complete and total break from you. Don't make what should be a temporary situation permanent.

Don't Get Even

Resist the urge to destroy the urge to destroy everything your man holds dear. This will only serve to push him further away. Also, do not go out and try to ruin any dates he might be going on. The more mature you act in the situation, the more likely he is to return.

Return Property

You have a bunch of stuff your boyfriend has left at your place. Keep most of it, but return at least some of the stuff. Return the things which are small. Keep the important stuff. This will cause him to need to swing by your place.

Be a Friend

If you are able to maintain any relationship with your ex, you will have a much better shot at getting him back. This is especially true is he is dating someone else. Her claws will come out if he is hanging around his ex and she will get catty. Don't engage and she will claw her way right out of the relationships for you.

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Though right now it might seem hopeless, it is possible to make your ex desire you again. Play your cards right by giving your ex some time, and working on improving yourself, and they will be chasing you, begging for a second chance.

You need to remain in control of your emotions right now to help regain the respect of your ex. If you've called them begging, pleading, and crying - at all hours of the night no less - then you are going to have to show them that you have moved on from that point and have regained control over yourself.

It is best to give them a bit of space, especially if you want to truly be successful in making if your attempts to make your ex desire you again. There is a lot of anger, bitterness, and hurt as a result of the split, and you both need time to work through these emotions. Until you can move on from these negative emotions, you will be unable to look at your situation objectively. Until you can do this, your chances to make your ex desire you again are pretty slim.

You will need to take responsibility for the things that you did to help lead to the breakup. It is also vital that you truly understand these mistakes and do whatever you can to correct them. If your ex ever complained to you about certain behaviors you displayed, now is the time to work on each and every one of those. Take care in your appearance and attitude and not only will you boost your self-confidence, you will have taken the steps necessary to become a better partner the second time around in your relationship.

The distance and time spent apart are exactly what is needed to make your ex desire you again. When they see you, and the positive changes you've made in your life, they will begin to question their motivations for breaking up with you. They will start to miss you like crazy and want you back in their life!

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Have you heard of the no contact rule? After you break up, there is supposed to be an unwritten rule of no contact. If this is the case, how would you get them back? There are a lot of positive results from couples that have gotten back together doing this. So, take heart, and read on.

After the breakup, apply the rule immediately. You both need to agree to this and abide by it no matter what! This stops all arguments and negative things being said. Your emotions can finally settle down so you both can focus more clearly.

The no contact rule can give you both some alone time. You have been together so much that you need to learn to be by yourself again. Learn about you. Think about things that were said and the mistakes that were made. While you both are doing this, you will be missing each very much! This means you do still love each other!

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You might even discover things about your ex you never knew before! During the rule of no contact, your friends might be telling you things that is new information. Maybe your ex is changing and growing during the separation.

Your hearts miss each other and they will grow fonder with each passing day. That is why the rule is in place. No talking, no emailing, no texting, no using friends against each other or spying, or anything else you can think of.

You have to give it a chance and give it a try. Your love will grow stronger while you are apart. Now that you are no longer mad at each other, you will appreciate each other more when you do get back together! Just give it time!

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