Without a doubt, the best advice I received when I began my business as a transaction coordinator was to take care of your clients first and they will take care of you. My mentor knew that there was such value in taking care of those who were already there in front of you. She encouraged me to include client gifts and tokens of appreciation into my marketing budget and not just put it all toward attracting new clients.

Smart stuff, right?

She told me that I must deliver rock star service, or as author Ken Blanchard, author of the book Raving Fans, teaches, the kind of service that will make people notice that you care about them and truly value them, not just their business.

Over the years our team of transaction coordinators has done a lot to spread the love to our clients like sending birthday cards, thank you cards, client appreciation gift boxes and of course phone calls. And while that does help let our clients know we care, truly it’s that adage “actions speak louder than words” is really where the rubber meets the road.

All the notes and gifts won’t mean a bit if people don’t realize that we actually care about them. I’m proud of the service my team provides to our clients and know that is what keeps us busy year after year.

Recently I watched an amazing video by my colleague Valeria Garcia on this topic. Her guest in this brief video was a successful agent in Toronto. In the video the agent tells her how they are using social media, acts of kindness and giveaways to stay connected with their past clients. Check out the video for yourself:


Always chasing new clients is way more work than nurturing relationships with those who already know and trust you. Sure, this takes time, and with a Transaction Coordinator on your team, you’ll have upwards to 19 hours or so extra from contract to close to do that.

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Today the TMC team of transaction coordinators go above and beyond to make sure the clients’ business and day to day activities run smoothly and efficiently.