The term DUI refers to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. However, you do not have to be drunk or intoxicated to be guilty of driving under the influence. To be found guilty of a DUI offence your ability to drive a vehicle is measured by the level of alcohol in your system by means of a blood test. In all states the blood alcohol level of more than .08% will see you facing a charge of driving under the influence. If found guilty of DUI it is worth considering the following when hiring a DC DUI lawyer:

Hiring a DC DUI lawyer will help you to understand the charges against you and the likely outcome of those charges. Hiring a DUI lawyer means they will have experience with such cases and as a result will know the applicable laws and procedures relating to DUI offences. Many will also offer you a free consultation at the outset which can be helpful in determining your options.

The likely outcome of a DUI charge can vary from fines to imprisonment for the most series cases. A DC DUI lawyer will be able to explain all of those penalties to you and give you an idea of the most likely outcome for your particular case. These can include the penalties for those with a blood alcohol level over the .08% limit, underage drivers charged with a DUI offence, the possibility of a community service order and whether it is worthwhile you entering into a plea bargain for a lighter sentence.

A good DUI lawyer can also explain to you any overlap of jurisdiction of the courts and the Motor Vehicle licensing department where your license could be revoked or suspended. They can also explain how a contingent license program would work to enable you to continue using your vehicle for the purposes of getting to and from your place of work.

Another important consideration when hiring a DC DUI lawyer is their ability to deal with the legal process and to manage it on your behalf. They can liaise with the motor vehicle department, complete all necessary paperwork and represent you at any suspension hearings. It can be better to hire a lawyer to manage the legal process for you as it can be time consuming and frustrating dealing with state departments yourself.

Finally, hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you in court can result in a lighter sentence being passed. An experienced DUI lawyer will be familiar with the process of the courts and the kind of sentences usually handed down in cases such as yours. They may also be familiar with the court personnel and as such be able to construct an argument on your behalf which will best appeal to those concerned.

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