I recently met a person who was interested in becoming a coach. They asked me if I was a coach. Then they asked me WHY I was a coach. I thought for a moment to ensure I was going to give a clear articulate answer. In this twenty-second moment of thinking, I kept trying to drill down as to the reason for being a coach. I was thinking about the coaching process, coaching skills and techniques, the contexts that I coach in and many other thoughts.

Then I realised that the reason why I coach is because I am passionate about people and their capacity to be amazing beings. I love observing someone who achieves their goals, hearing the excitement in their voice. I love seeing how people interact and live out their lives. I love seeing the greatness in others and watching them exploring their greatness more and more each day.

Training to be a coach requires looking at who you are and the contributions you can make. It requires learning a range of skills that shift your perspective and make you realise that being different and seeing difference is something to celebrate.
Coaching people to support them on their journey through life is an amazing experience and a great privilege. It requires great skill, great openness and great learning to be a coach. But surely this is the reason to be a coach.

Answer the following questions to see if becoming a coach is your next career.

1. Do you value safe and trusting spaces to work in?
2. Do you value the importance of ethical guidelines and
professional standards?
3. Do you try and focus on the moment, rather than what just
happened or what might happen?
4. Do you listen actively to other people?
5. Do you believe in communicating effectively and directly?
6. Do you value self-awareness?
7. Do you write up your goals regularly?
8. Do you plan out your day to achieve the most in it?
9. Do you take responsibility for your own actions?
10.Do you value the building and maintaining of relationships?

Did you answer YES to more than 7 of these questions? Then you should become a coach!

Author's Bio: 

Bronwyn Bowery Ireland
* CEO, Trainer and Executive Coach @ icoachacademy.com
* MCC (Master Certified Coach)
* MBus (Master of Business in Management Practice)
* BEd (Bachelor of Education)
* Diploma in Frontline Management
* CPC (Certified Professional Coach)
* Chair of Board of Advisors,World Wide Association of Business Coaches (WABC)

Bronwyn is an experienced businesswoman, company director, manager, coach, trainer and facilitator who has worked with companies to support them in meeting their challenges over many years. She has a strong understanding both of business principles and adult learning principles. This together with her deep knowledge and experience of the coaching process make her a powerful agent of change.

Bronwyn knows what it takes to manage a company or a business unit and have it produce a result. She knows what it takes to manage a team, whether it be a virtual one or a national one. She is skilled at managing start up companies, selecting staff, designing competency based coaching and or training programs. She has been an internal consultant and an external consultant in areas of change management.

Bronwyn now heads up a virtual team of over 30 people around the world She is passionate about the use of coaching as a management style and her success at International Coach Academy is testament to that. She also has a keen sense for business development and is currently overseeing ICA's next stage of development and growth.