Criminal Lawyers are generally essential to represent a criminal defendant at arraignments and bail hearings. Most criminal cases begin with an arraignment where the defendant is presented in front of the judge. A formal document reading takes place, and the charges against the defendant are read out clearly. At this point, the defendant is also allowed to enter a plea of proving whether the charges are acceptable or not.

Why Are Criminal Lawyers Important For Court Cases?

Each court case has a different story, and the method to get rid of the case is also different based on the offenses charged. There are cases when the court assigns criminal lawyers in Delhi free of cost at the government's expense. However, this is possible only if the criminal defendant cannot afford to hire a private criminal lawyer due to poor financial conditions. The court will analyze all the proofs submitted and then appoint a criminal lawyer.

Criminal lawyers Supreme Court of India, whether private or court-appointed, are essential for the smooth progress of the case proceedings. There are cases where the criminal defendants represent themselves in an arraignment or bail hearing. This is a good decision if the defendant is accused of minor offenses and the case is not very serious. However, it is not a good idea to represent oneself in a case, especially when there are major charges against the criminal defendant.

In cases where the defendant is accused of serious charges, it is important to get a criminal lawyer to be handled efficiently. There are cases when the defendant without a criminal lawyer can be convicted as a criminal and sent to jail even if the charges were minor. Therefore, it is clever enough to get a criminal lawyer despite the severity of the case.

Bail Hearings In POSCO Cases:

Protection of Children from Sexual Cases (POSCO) act falls under Section 29 and is widely applicable all over India. This act does not favor any specific gender and is unbiased. This act acknowledges sexual harassment cases that are either physical (involving touch) or non-physical (morphing photographs, stalking). According to this law, strict punishment is granted to the accused involved in committing sexual crimes with a minimum of one year in jail.

Bail from the POSCO act is extremely difficult as the accused is considered guilty until the charges are proved wrong. Therefore, in POSCO cases, the accused should hire a skilled criminal lawyer, preferably the one who has handled such cases previously.

Should Criminal Lawyers Be Retained?

Arraignments and bail hearings are the two most important happenings that can twist the case in favor of the accused or against him. A qualified criminal lawyer can also succeed in getting top bail advocates in delhi high court or supreme court, where the accused is free to go on bail without getting arrested.

Private criminal lawyers are the best when compared to court-appointed lawyers because of the quality of advice offered. Lawyers appointed by the court will not generally spend much time with the criminal defendant. Therefore, the case cannot be handled as per the defendant's wish. In the case of a private criminal lawyer, personalized service will be provided. The lawyer will spend more time with the defendant and get to know the case in depth.

In addition to anticipatory bails, criminal lawyers possess the relevant skills and knowledge to handle court cases and help their clients to do away with the case as soon as possible. These lawyers collect information about the case and the offenses charged against the defendant. They know how to present the case in court and bring the judgment in favor of their client. Therefore, it is suggested to hire a criminal lawyer and let them monitor the case for your welfare.

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