Retirement is something to be proud of. The fact that you can retire means that you have worked hard for many years. You deserve to be able to live out your golden years in comfort. The only question is where? Many seniors consider moving to a foreign country for many reasons. Some make the move for the sense of exoticism, others choose to move overseas to live in a country they enjoyed visiting while on vacation years before. So, should you move overseas when you retire or not? Here’s some helpful information to make the decision easy for you.  


Family considerations

One of the biggest factors that will determine whether you should move overseas or not is how important it is to visit family. If you have children and grandchildren that you would like to visit frequently, you might not want to move so far away. 


Of course, you could always fly back for visits, but that could get costly and it’s certainly more difficult than simply driving an hour or two to see your family

Medical care

Another important factor to take into consideration is health care abroad. More specifically you should consider the quality of healthcare abroad. Some countries are beautiful to visit but are not suitable for senior living due to poor medical care. That said, there are plenty of foreign countries that have excellent medical care. After all, the United States isn’t the only place in the world with high-quality medical care. Nations like France, Germany, and the Sweden have excellent health care for expats. 


Access to high-quality medical care isn’t a reason to rule out moving overseas. Just do a little research before making the decision to move. 

Look for a country with plenty of activities

Many retirees struggle with boredom. If you are going to move overseas, make sure the country you will be moving to has plenty of fun activities, golf, tennis, museums, hiking, shopping centersand community centers. Living on a white sand beach far across the sea is charming, but if you can’t find anything to do or places to explore, you could get bored very easily. 


Try targeting countries that are major tourist attractions. Countries that attract a lot of tourists tend to have a lot of fun things to do. 

Best countries to retire in as an American

If you are determined to live out your golden years overseas, you’ll need to narrow it down to the best country possible. With 195 countries in the world, choosing the best place to retire overseas can be a difficult decision. 


Of course, some countries are better to retire in than others. Nicaragua is popular with American retirees for several reasons. The tropical climate makes it a popular choice and another benefit is that Nicaragua has good healthcare. If you are looking for an exotic destination, you’ll love Nicaragua!


Croatia is also very popular with retirees. This country has all the charms of Mediterranean countries like Italy and Greece at a fraction of the cost. Italy and Greece are also excellent choices of course, but if you are looking to save money, Croatia is a great choice for anyone looking for a country that is similar with a lower cost of living. 


Belize is another beautiful locstion to move to once you retire. Your golden years are a time to enjoy to the fullest and you will find a warm climate and welcoming people in Belize. This country is graced with an abundance of natural beauty


If you enjoy the exoticism of Southeast Asia, you might want to consider moving to the Kingdom of Thailand after retiring. Thailand is a beautiful country with thousands of exciting things to see and do and for those of you looking for a warm climate, Thailand is a wonderful place to be! The beaches of Phuket, an island in Thailand are exceptionally beautiful. 


Looking for something like Spain with a unique twist? Try Portugal, a beautiful country with a wealth of beautiful sites. Make your retirement an adventure and check it out!

Can you afford it? 

Now that you know more about living overseas and have a few countries to research, the next question is, can you afford it? While the cost of living in countries like France and Sweden is relatively high, there are other countries that cost much less to live in.


If you can’t afford to move overseas immediately, there are things that you can do to bridge the gap and fund a very comfortable retirement in a foreign country.  

Live like royalty overseas with a life settlement!

Living overseas can be expensive, even if you are living in a country with a low cost of living. The biggest challenge is the fact that once you retire you will be living on a finite amount of money.No one wants to go back to work just to afford to live overseas. Living in a foreign country could take a lot of getting used to and working in a foreign country can be very challenging. 


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