You want your vehicle to look impeccable everywhere you go. Unfortunately, your windscreen got severely damaged. Chips and cracks in the auto glass are the most common issues that a vehicle owner has to face. Not only are chips and cracks incredibly common occurrences, but there is nothing you can do to prevent them. Left alone, chips and cracks develop into greater problems, which is the reason why you should take care of them right away. But is it advisable to fix the windscreen yourself?

It is tempting to go to the auto parts store and buy a DIY kit. However, you should know that a DIY kit only stops the damage from spreading. Simply put, it will not solve the problem. Save yourself lots of headaches and have your car repaired by an auto glass repair technician. You may have a tool to remove the broken auto glass, a way to inject the resin into the damaged area, and curing film, but you do not have the two most important things: experience and the ability to recognise problems. Skilled repair technicians have fixed a great number of windscreens over the years, so you can imagine that they can do the job without causing further damage.

It is only normal to want to save money, but you must to realise that by using a DIY kit, you will do more harm than good. You will not make the auto glass perfect again, not to mention that you can ruin it completely. You can destroy the windscreen trying to repair it. You have no idea whatsoever on how much pressure it is necessary to apply and you do not dispose of high quality resin. Try as you might, you will not get the auto glass to look right. Using a windscreen repair kit is not acceptable, but if you are determined to take matter into your own hands, go ahead. As stated previously, you will not solve the problem with a DIY kit, but at least you will make sure that it does not get worse until you get the vehicle to the auto shop. So, what do you have to do?

First thing you need to do is call the so-called “wound”. Get a razor blade and get out the lose pieces because they will affect the repair process. Next, place the suction cup tool. This goes right over the chipped area. Load the resin into the applicator, according to kit instructions, and insert it into the suction cup tool. Once the chip is filled with thick resin, let it some time to fully dry. There is no time limit when it comes to letting the resin dry. To be on the safe side, leave the resin 120 minutes.

The bottom line is that you should not attempt to fix the windscreen damage yourself. The best thing to do is to take your car to an auto shop. The services of an auto glass technician will not cost you an arm and a leg, not to mention that your windscreen will be professionally repaired.

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a senior contributor to popular niche publications.