The stereotype that fried is a priori more harmful than fried or baked has become firmly entrenched in the public consciousness. Many people believe that such food cannot be healthy and correct in any way. However, is it really so, or it's just a myth? Let's try to get into the bases of it, because we all know, that those fried chicken, wings, and ribs are just amazing.

So, what about fried food

The top nutritionist claims that fried food is harmful primarily because when food is heated it is in the pan that carcinogens are released. These substances can affect DNA and lead to the formation of tumors. Many nutritionists also believe that fried foods increase the risk of fatal diseases and can also cause problems with the cardiovascular system. In addition, food also loses liquid during frying. At the same time, protein products absorb up to 20% of the oil from the pan, which also increases the calorie content of the dish.

You should be especially careful in restaurants where fried food will definitely not be beneficial and may even harm you. Some unscrupulous chefs often do not change the oil for a long time, which leads to the formation of trans fats. What's more, many foods are deep-fried. Therefore, if you really want fried meat for dinner, it will be more useful to cook it at home.

What about baked dishes

Several other processes take place during baking. Of course, this difference is not so obvious and you will not be able to see it with your own eyes. Although the dish cooked in the oven is much healthier than the fried alternative, this method has its drawbacks.

Baking is accompanied by the formation of CNG - the end products of glycation. The higher the temperature, the more CNG. This also cannot be called healthy eating. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the fat drips onto the additional pan so that it does not accumulate on the food itself. And it is best to cook in the "grill" mode - such a dish will turn out to be the most useful.

In conclusion, what should I eat?

Both frying and baking are not the healthiest cooking methods, but it's much less dangerous as stated. Moreover, the AGEs released in the second case negatively affect not only the figure, but also the skin: they destroy the structure of collagen, contribute to the appearance of wrinkles, and, as a consequence, rapid aging.

If possible, avoid both fried and baked foods. The most healthy options are stews and stews. So, during cooking, meat loses fat, and its energy value decreases. However, frying can also be made healthier. For example, do not use sunflower oil, but alternatives: coconut, corn, linseed, olive. Or ditch it all together by purchasing a non-stick frying pan. Also, try to limit the amount of sugar and salt - then the meals will become even healthier. So, you can continue eating your friend's dishes as before, just be more careful about the ingredients you use. 

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