Interested in public relations courses or crisis management courses? Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to choose one over the other. Reputed tertiary education institutions in Trinidad and Tobago offer well-designed courses that provide training in both fields –public relations and crisis management.

Difference between the Two

Public relations courses focus on a set of communication techniques and processes designed to effectively engage media. These courses cover various topics such as the importance of public relations, the relationship between PR, and marketing/advertising efforts and different types of PR techniques used in the modern world. Crisis management courses focus on communication strategies designed to effectively communicate with the media in times of natural or man-made crisis. These courses provide knowledge on how to handle bad press and how to stage a comeback from a wrong move.

Proactive and Reactive Uses of PR

There are proactive and reactive functions of business communication. Public relations courses focus on the proactive uses of business communication. Proactive PR can help maintain, improve, and alter public perception in positive ways –for example, through press releases or running a multi-media PR campaign. Crisis management courses give importance to reactive uses of public relations –to minimize damage and communicate responsibly when an organization is faced with a significant and unforeseen negative event. In modern times, organizations need to cover both aspects to maintain reputation, to succeed, and to grow.

Benefits of Having Expertise in Both Fields

A comprehensive course covering both public relations and crisis management will make you a consummate communication professional. Organizations with limited budgets find it more cost-effective to hire a PR professional with crisis management skills. Besides, a PR specialist is likely to be a more effective crisis management professional. This is because PR specialists understand the psychology of the audience and media. They know what to say to get the media on their side. All things considered, a PR professional with crisis management skills adds immense value to any organization that hires them.

Benefits of Enrolling in Comprehensive Course

It is more cost-effective and time-saving to enroll in one course that covers both PR skills and crisis management skills than enrolling in two separate courses. Reputed tertiary education institutes offer affordable certificate courses in public relations and crisis management that deliver great value. Since certificate courses are short-term, students can complete a course in a few short months by setting aside a few hours of their weekend time to attend classes. The best course providers provide experiential learning outcomes through various activities including oral presentations and role-plays. Assessments are done through role-play activities and quizzes.

A PR qualification can set you on the path to a lucrative career in the field of public relations. Diversify your skillset with training in crisis management to multiply the financial rewards. To open this window of opportunity, enroll in a course in public relations and crisis management offered by one of Trinidad’s leading tertiary education providers!

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Ravi Ragoonath is an Executive Director at CTS College of Business and Computer Science Ltd. Ravi writes about education topics. To the students, he is a coach, a mentor, and a friend. To his staff, he is creative, innovative and extremely positive. Here he is talking about public relations course.