Earlier today I received an email from a friend who is having a very difficult time financially and I felt that I must write to you about it because I have a message for you that many of you need to hear.

My friend was laid off from his job over a year ago and has been making stock trades in an effort to make up for his lost income. At this time he is feeling all sorts of negative things about the fact that he has worked so very hard to do everything the "right" way and yet he is unable to create consistent success and has wiped out most of his investment fund.

Now, I totally "get" that he feels frustrated, bitter and a few other negative things, however I also know that he was too quick to blame ALL of this failure on himself.

I absolutely believe in the Law of Attraction and I totally believe that we create our own realities -- however I also know that we need to be humble enough to recognize that 99.999% of us are not yet powerful enough to be capable of having purposefully created everything that comes into our lives.

While I do not claim to be an expert on the Law of Attraction, I absolutely know Self Sabotage Behavior when I see it and I know that it is self sabotage to blame yourself for things that are outside of your personal control.

The current state of our economy is the result of the collection of BAD decisions and BAD behaviors that were made by many, many people around the entire world and those global BAD decisions and BAD behaviors are now impacting ALL of us in some way, shape or form.

I've had a saying posted on my bathroom wall for many, many years and I would like to share it with you now. (Sorry, but I don't know who authored it.)

"As a child of God you are expected to spill your milk.
What's important is the manner in which you choose to clean it up."

So, here's my 2 cent's worth: You have 100% complete control over your own decisions, behaviors and actions - meaning you have complete control over what you SEND OUT there, however you do not have control over what comes BACK to you.

Take responsibility - YES!

Blame yourself - NO!

Yes, we should each work to make wise, healthy and positive decisions and we should each be consciously aware of the potential consequences of our actions! But know this... Good intentioned action of any kind is always better than no action!

So... Pull up your big-girl or big-boy britches and clean up your spilled milk because it is your job... your responsibility... to "keep on keepin' on!" (Maybe we should bring that saying back!)

It is not noble to blame yourself, however it is greatly noble to stay strong and focused on working toward the successful accomplishment of your desired goals!

EVERYONE - and I do mean EVERYONE feels discouraged from time to time, but that does not make it OK to quit!

Be Brave!
Stay Strong!
And "Keep on Keepin' On!"


Author's Bio: 

Troyann Williams is a Breakthrough Coach for the Break Free University, and specializes in helping people break free from self sabotage behaviors and barriers. Please visit ==>> http://selfsabotagebehavior.com for Free Guides on Recognizing and Breaking Free from Self Sabotage.