You have been together for months or years. You have made so many lovely memories together. There was a time you thought you were inseparable but then the breakup happened. It shattered your present and made the future look bleak. Somehow you got over it through sheer mental strength but now your ex wants to be friends with you. Would you accept?

Staying friends with an ex –are you attempting the impossible?

Being friends with an ex is a nice idea. Most people would say that it is good to be friends again. However, the truth is it is not easy. It is not easy to be friends again with someone who knows your intimate details. So, don’t go by the advice of people who say it is easy. Each situation is different and whether you can be friends with your ex depends on how the breakup happened and how close you were.

Being friends or friendly – understand the difference

When most people say that they are still friends with their exes, what they mean is actually being friendly. Because with your friends you watch your favorite shows, you go out for coffee breaks when you are feeling low and you share your relationship woes. Can you do so with your ex? We usually don’t. Instead, what we do is be friendly.

After the breakup, your ex doesn’t vanish from this earth, no matter how much you want it. So, you would continue to bump into each other at social gatherings. There can be common friends with whom you hang out. In these situations, it is better to behave cordially. It’s all about maturely handling the situation.

Can you really be friends with your ex?

The answer depends on the way you broke up and the situation thereafter. If cheating led to the breakup and you two said nasty things to each other, becoming friends again is unlikely as you would always feel the resentment inside. If there were other serious issues involved and you fought over for a long time before the breakup, there is little chance to feel friendly with an ex.

Most people are friends with their exes with whom they broke up amicably or had kids whose responsibility they have to share.

Thus, do not get into any pressure to prove your masochism to anyone. Take things as you can. If you are comfortable with your ex around you, be friends again. If you are not, it’s okay.

What to do if your ex wants to be friends again?

Do you still harbor feelings for your ex? Do you want to get your ex back? This is your golden chance to fulfill your desire. Being friends with your ex gives you the rare opportunity to rekindle the passion. If you are seeking a scope to reunite, act carefully and very soon you would be in your ex’s arms again. Here is a good resource on being friends with an ex:

Usually, after a breakup a lot of changes take place like we become mature, we understand the value of relationships and we also learn to analyze ourselves better. If you want to get back your ex, highlight these changes in you. Act maturely. Don’t lose your temper. Be helpful towards other. By being a positive and confident person, you can create a great impression ion your ex’s mind and that would help you to get back together.

However, if you do not harbor any romantic feelings towards your ex and want to move on with life, don’t let him come back, even as a friend as it would prove harmful to both of you in the long-run.

Being friendly or friends again with an ex is a delicate issue. Handle it with care and remember you are responsible for your happiness.

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