In earlier times, but today, people that have wavy or frizzy hair anticipate straighten their locks using various locks straightening tools, such as for example hair irons, hair straighteners, and straightening irons.

Ideally you ought not use hair straightener about color treated hair. However in case you possess grey and frizzy hair, and you intend to color your locks along with straighten it, you then are recommended to consider precautions while doing this. You should take pursuing precautions:

Keep your hair moisturized
Conditioning of locks is very important to keep the locks moisturized. You should daily condition your locks either by rinsing it with conditioner after utilizing a good-quality wash. It becomes more essential if you are using some heat appliances on you hair. This is because heating makes your hair dry and rough. In addition to conditioning, you can also apply smoothing balm or other such products to moisturize your hair.

Know your hair type and use products accordingly
Check the status of your hair before you use any chemical or heating appliance on your hair. If your hair is damaged, try to avoid using chemicals or heating applications. This is because chemicals and heat cause more damage to your hair. Some of the symptoms of damaged hair are dryness, damage does not happen due to one time use of chemical or heating application, but with frequent use.

Select the right appliance
Remember, a right appliance is an one-time investment. Therefore, you must purchase the right type of appliance and do proper research before selecting the one. For long hair, you should buy an appliance with a large heating surface. Similarly, for short hair, Though you can also buy a slim model for long hair, but it will take more time to straighten your hair.

Give some time gap
You should always give at least a time gap of two weeks between hair coloring and hair straightening. Because coloring and straightening both requires use of chemicals and if done without gap, it can badly damage your hair.

Choose a hair treatment that lasts long
This is because you need not use chemicals and apply heat on your hair repetitively. Moreover, it prevents further damage to your hair.

But if you really want to change your style and experiment a new hair style or look, you can always do. However, you must take the precautions listed above to avoid possible hair damage.

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