Should you ever ask a man where you stand with him? Most of us believe the answer is a resounding yes. It's not. As much as we'd like to know exactly what our man thinks about us and the relationship, asking him point blank is actually one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make. Typically when a woman asks this a man believes there's an expectation attached to it. He senses that you're asking because you want the relationship to be headed towards a commitment.

One of the main reasons you should never ask a man where you stand is it shows your insecurity. One of the least appealing traits a woman can possess is a deflated sense of herself. If you continually want to know if he loves you or if you ask him repeatedly if he wants to be with you, he'll grow tired of that quickly. To him it feels as though he has to pump up your ego at every turn. Men crave to be with women who are so sure of themselves they expect their man to love them unconditionally. These are the type of women who have no doubts about why a man would want to be with them and they know that once a man falls for them, he'll be devoted to them forever.

Your man may also feel that you want more from the relationship than he's willing to give right now if you keep asking him where you stand. Whenever a woman pushes a man for more than he can give, he'll push her back even harder. If you mention continually that you'd love to marry him and he's not yet ready to take that step, he'll create some distance from you. This usually means he'll stop calling as much or he'll become busy when you two are supposed to be spending time together. Men want to be the pursuer and they want to be the one who captures the heart of their woman. Let him feel as though you're not that invested in where things are going and he'll want you more. If you stop asking him where things stand he won't feel that you're completely his yet and it will make him work harder to win your heart.

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What is most essential for everlasting love? How does love live on for some and die for others? Can you significantly improve your relationship today and going forward? Certainly. Try this helpful advice of what works to help love go the distance.

An incredible basis for real lasting love has always been friendship as the most proven fundamental necessary to establish immediately and carry on the duration of the relationship. Friends are the ones in our lives we love and respect, we can always be ourselves around our friends and no one has more fun together than true friends. The most incredible basis for love is invincible friendship and admiration.

A sincere admiration of his soul is an incredible basis for real lasting love to live on. Admire the person he is as he comes, his ambitions, kind heart, and even his flaws. Think about real love and the love you see in the happiest couples, they have the deepest admiration for one another to help each other succeed and stand by for every failure. Do that for one another everyday.

How can two people remain devoted in love if they never talk to one another? Conversation pulls it all together to continue ever admiring friendship between partners. Couples talk about one another's dreams and hobbies to help each other succeed and incorporate those hobbies for time together. Watch movies he enjoys, help in the garage handing him tools or learning about fixing cars, then watch Monday Night Football for once. Make each day about making one another happier than the day before for an incredible basis for real lasting love.

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Would you like to stop just "seeing" your guy and cement your relationship instead? Are you falling fast, and hoping that he feels the same? Do you want to take the next step, and become a committed couple? The following three tips can help you to cement your relationship.

Tip #1 - Be there for him.

Friendship is a good foundation for a relationship. Remember that you should not just be making demands, or trying to get him to do what you want him to do. Be his friend.

Have his back when he needs someone. Spend time just talking to him to get to know him. Take things easy instead of pressuring him. It will really help to cement your relationship if you can be his confidante.

Tip #2 - Keep flirting fun.

Men really like women who can just have some fun. Flirting should not be all about being sexy. It's really about being playful.

In the same vein, do not use sex in order to try to get a man to like you. Only you can decide when you're ready. If you are sleeping with him without knowing whether he feels as strongly about you, you might be setting yourself up to get hurt.

Tip #3 - Don't take him for granted.

Some women don't know that men need to feel appreciated just as much as women do. So remember to tell him why you think he's terrific. Let him know why you fell for him. Give him compliments on a regular basis.

You don't need to be on a serious mission to get a guy to fall in love. Use these tips to help cement your relationship.

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How would you like to learn how to take control of your love life? Do you tend to fall for guys, only to have the relationship fizzle out almost before it gets started? What should you do differently next time so that you don't end up alone again? Relationships are complicated enough without making the same mistakes over and over. Here are a few suggestions that will let you take control of your love life.

Tip #1 - Let go of your tunnel vision.

Women often make the mistake of starting a relationship with the mentality that they are on a mission. Sometimes they get so focused on pushing their own agendas that they forget to treat the relationship like the unique thing that it is. Don't stay so focused on getting a commitment that you lose sight of the fact that your guy is a person with thoughts and feelings of his own. You can't force things.

If you try to pressure or manipulate the situation, it will likely backfire on you. So, try to take things slowly, and consider the many possible alternatives for the way that your budding partnership can go. A new relationship is like sand-the harder you try to hold on, the more easily it will slip through your fingers. Although it might feel unnatural, if you want to take control of your love life, you might need to try to let things take their own course.

Tip #2 - Be reserved.

When you do start seeing someone new, don't gush to him about how strong your feelings are for him. This will most likely scare him off. Let him take the lead in moving the relationship along sometimes. If things stall when you don't push them, then maybe it's not meant to be.

Give yourself and your guy both some breathing room to let things develop naturally. It won't help to move things along if you are too forward. In fact, if you wait for him to take some initiative, you might be surprised at his inclination to make sure that you are committed, because he will worry if you haven't said anything.

Tip #3 - Consider all of the pros and cons.

Be speculative about the relationships. Try to notice any red flags that come up, instead of brushing them aside. You want to go into this with your eyes wide open. The main point is to try to keep some perspective on things, instead of just diving in.

Keep in mind that, even if you are in that "infatuation stage", your new guy isn't perfect. Try to see him for what he is-a human being with flaws. The point is not to be severely critical, but simply to not put him on a pedestal. If you want to take control of your love life, you'll need to use your head.

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