The game of bingo can be traced back for centuries where the game used to be known as beano where beans were used to cover number. The game also used to be popular amongst churches as a way of raising money for charity, but bingo has come a long way since then and its online presence has exploded.

When you ask the question, should bingo be classed as gambling, you tend to get mixed responses. Everyone knows that bingo is a game based around socialising with others and is why the game is popular amongst the female population. Having a little small talk between games is what draws more and more people towards online bingo. You just don’t get this kind of interaction between players with any other sort of gambling which is what makes bingo so enjoyable.

Wagering money to be able to play

When playing online bingo you are required to deposit money to be able to play; this would answer the question that bingo is infact gambling. The aim of online bingo is to wager a small amount of money to be able to purchase bingo tickets in the hope of winning a larger sum of money and because the game is based around chance then not everyone is a winner. It is only when someone has to wager something in the hope of winning something in return with the chance of losing the original wager is when something is considered gambling.

Playing bingo without any prize money

The game of bingo in itself isn’t gambling. Some people play bingo for recreation and fun and for them winning is a bonus. However not many of these people would be willing to play the game if there was nothing to win. Even though for some people the game is about socialising, the chance of winning still comes into play.


Online bingo comes with an auto-daub feature that marks bingo cards for you; this then allows people to talk amongst each other through integrated chat rooms. Because players do not have to watch their cards in play, they are free to see what others say in the chat rooms and get involved in the conversations. This is what makes the game so social when playing online.

Play bingo for free

Online bingo can be played for free which would result in the player not having to wager anything, this would then cancel the gambling aspect of the game out as players would not have to place an original bet.


If you are playing online bingo without having to wager any money then you are not gambling, but the chances are that the money up for grabs is just too tempting not to wager anything. Just remember: if you love to Play Bingo that gambling can become addictive and knowing when to stop is essential.

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