Should I Wait For My Ex To Contact Me First: Should I Reach Out To My Ex

How long should you wait to contact your ex after a break-up?

Ideally, you will want to wait until you have both had time to think and get over some of the irrational emotions you felt after the split. If your ex broke up with you, then you will obviously need more time to recover then they will.

However, there is also a chance that they are hiding much of their feelings. They could miss you just as much as you miss them, except that they'd never tell you that.

A good rule of thumb is to give it at least a few weeks and then see where you are. If you ever want a chance at getting back with this person, then you need to take things extremely slow. Many times, a few weeks are not enough. Sometimes, it requires months of being apart.

If you eventually get to the point where you feel that you're over the most emotional part of the split and you think that they might respond favorably to you, you can try sending your ex a letter or e-mail, explaining that you accept the break-up, you wish them the best of luck, and you intend on getting on with your life.

This is done to simply get a feel for the situation and their attitude towards you. The letter should be very straightforward and should not contain any hint of affection. The last thing you want to do is suggest that things go back to the way they were. You don't want to tell them how much you miss them, or that you still love them. This is absolutely the worst thing you can do and will destroy any chance you have.

The key here is to take it slow and wait to see what kind of response you get from your letter. Depending on the kind of reaction you get, you can decide on the next course of action. Your ability to read between the lines will be critical to any future success with this person.

In the worst possible case, you'll have to accept that they only want to be friends and get on with your life. In the best case, they might decide to open the lines of communication again. Either way, you won't know until you try.

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I'm almost certain that when you and your ex broke up that they said they needed space. What exactly does this mean? Is it a way of saying go away, I don't want you? Of course not, they are basically saying they need time to reassess the whole situation. But I bet you're wondering how much time your ex needs before you can try getting your ex back?

How longs a piece of string? It all depends on the whole situation. Everybody has different needs, wants and opinions so an exact length of time would be inaccurate. As everybody has different needs, not even your ex can say how much space they need to think things through. Never give them a time limit, this will backfire and make things worse.

You are going to have to accept the fact that you are not going to see or spend time with your ex for a while. No one can estimate an exact time frame; it could be a few days, a week or perhaps a month. You have to learn to be patient if you wish to get your ex back.

By not knowing how long it will take to get your ex back, you should concentrate on yourself more. Go out and enjoy yourself, relax and concentrate on other important things. You never know, taking this 'me' time may make you think that it's not worth getting your ex back.

Enjoy the fact that you are single once again. You're independent, can do what you want when you want without feeling like you may hurt your partners' feelings. Your ex is doing it so why can't you?

It will come to the point that your ex has had enough time to thinks things over deciding what they want to do. They will either contact you at this stage or maybe you can contact them. Either way I'm sure you can get your ex back!

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Sometimes we need to take a step back and analyze why things went wrong in our relationship. If the break up has been a bad one then it is natural to question the fact that your ex might get back with you. But you need to know that people get back together no matter how bad a break up has been. Here are a few things that you should do to get your ex back.

Have faith and be patient
You first need to believe that a patch up is possible. Once you believe that you will feel a lot more confident about your position. Also know that these things don't happen overnight so be prepared to slog it out and be patient.

Don't move too soon
Your timing also plays a very crucial role in getting back together. You act too soon and your ex will call you pathetic and desperate. But if you don't contact your ex at all then he or she gets surprised and begins to want you a little.

Get your issues sorted
Utilize some of your alone time to analyze why your relationship didn't work. Think about your actions and the reasons that your ex cited while breaking up. Once you have your answers look at changing all those negative things about yourself.

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Find out about your ex's status
You also need to keep an eye out for your ex's relationship status. If you see that your ex is getting closer to someone then you need to make your move and get back into his/her radar very discreetly.

Be visible
Once you let some time pass you need to get back into the visibility zone. Look like you are busy with your own life. Look like the past few weeks have been busy because you were up to some really exciting stuff. Go to parties and be social. Let your ex see that the break up hasn't really affected you.

Get spoken about
You need to work on reconnecting with your ex's friend and social circle again very discreetly. These people will be your microphone and will convey every bit of news concerning you to your ex. Speak well of your ex and make it known that you are moving on only because you respect your ex's wishes.

Look like you are ready to date
Get seen dating gorgeous people who are better looking and more successful than your ex. Your ex will get jealous and will want to get back with you soon enough. Take your time to get back together and you will be on your way to relationship bliss.

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So you have broken up but does that mean it's over for good? Of course not, there are literally hundreds of signs your ex wants you back. The key is detecting them when you see them so you can respond in a positive way. Here are some of the most popular and powerful 5 signs.

5 Positive Signs Your Ex Wants You Back...

- You notice that he/she has improved there appearance. Maybe they are wearing something you always loved to see on them or perhaps they have been working out to improve there physical appearance.

- When you meet up with your ex, they have the same outgoing personality they had when you first started dating. They might also bring up all the POSITIVE memory's you two shared together.

- If they try to "randomly" meet up with you odd places like a sports game, coffee shop, or a common place your at. This shows they are trying hard to always be around you.

- If after a month or so, your ex still hasn't found someone new, then this likely means they are not interested in a forming new relationship.

- When your with your ex, they are constantly touching and being playful. Basically, if they are flirting more than normal, then they probably are very interested in winning you back

Those are just some of the many signs your ex wants you back. If you are interested in winning your ex back and you have not noticed any signs above that you have seen, then it doesn't mean you can't win them back!

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