Should I Text My Ex Boyfriend I Miss Him: What To Text Your Ex Boyfriend When You Miss Him

If your boyfriend is the one who ended your relationship, then it is only understandable if you are currently panicking and have no idea what to do. If your mind has already gone haywire, then you have probably already thought of things you could do, even though some of those things wouldn't really be recommended in your situation.

Now, it might not be easy to fight your impulses, but remember: if you do something wrong, you could ruin all of your chances of ever winning him back. Unfortunately, a lot of women go wrong once they try to turn to text messaging.

See, a lot of women turn to texting when they panic because they think that not making a move could result in them losing their ex boyfriends forever. So, to hang onto their ex boyfriends and ensure that they aren't forgotten in these guys' minds, they resort to their mobile phones. Sadly, an onslaught of never-ending text messages can put a complete end to a reunion in the long run - believe it.

Things get even worse when these women break the important rule that states that no contact should be made for a month after any breakup. In fact, if you break this rule, your ex boyfriend might never look at you the same way again. This is because you will look unstable, clingy and desperate in his eyes. He might even call you on harassment if you take things a little too far.

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So, to make sure that you actually have a fighting chance at winning your ex boyfriend back, make sure you follow the all-important no-contact rule. This way, you will both have time to cool down, settle into your lives and minds, and let the intense feelings that you felt during the breakup go. After that, you are sure to miss one another and want to get back together again - including your ex boyfriend. Keep in mind that this can only happen if you aren't so readily available, though.

Another big mistake that women tend to make happens after the one month is up and they try to pursue their ex boyfriends again. A lot of women think that they should listen to their instincts while sending their ex boyfriends text messages, but this isn't true, either. To ensure smooth sailing, you need to have an underlying texting strategy that actually works first; otherwise, you will simply end up in misery again.

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It is a legitimate worry, the fact that he may move on, forget you and end up with someone else. This thought torments you, makes you crazy. You can't sleep, eat or focus and you are a train wreck for sure.

Your first instinct is to probably talk to him, try to convince him that you should stay together. This rarely works. You can't convince a man to love you or be with you, not with words. Men respond to distance. They don't respond to words. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, talking to him is not your answer. It will just push him away.

The reason you won't get back together with your ex boyfriend with words and bargaining is this. When you grovel, beg or hound him to please talk to you, his view of you starts to shift. He sees you as weak. Worse your ex boyfriend will now feel responsible for your happiness. He probably feels bad about how he hurt you, and you are just making him feel even worse with your displays of emotions. A man does not want to be with a woman who makes him feel bad.

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It's actions or maybe I should say lack of actions that will get his attention. Here is where that old No Contact Rule comes into play. If you go into no contact, your ex boyfriend will no longer know what is going on in your life. He is probably used to knowing all about you and this will be a shocker even if he doesn't want to admit it. His comfort blanket is now gone. The only thing he has left now is his imagination.

A man's imagination is probably your most powerful weapon if you want to get back together with your ex boyfriend. He wonders now what you are doing. His imagination will fill in the gaps, and not in a good way. He may picture you as the one moving on, dating, and forgetting about him. This turns the tables. It also makes you interesting again. I am sure you have heard we always want what we can't have. This starts to play on him. He starts to wonder if he can't have you anymore.

Now I know this is really hard. You phone rings, it's him and you really want to answer. If you are always available like before the break up, he has no reason to move back towards you. If he broke up with you, remind yourself when that phone rings, he gave up the right to have you at his fingertips and don't answer that phone. Let him wonder.

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No matter how badly you want to get on with your life after the breakup, you simply can't remove thoughts about getting your ex boyfriend back.

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After the breakup you are craving to get on the phone with your boyfriend to do some repair work. But there are two major reasons why calling your ex can do no good to your cause. To start with, it makes you look like a desperate person who is heavily dependent on your ex boyfriend to live happily. And secondly, it's too predictable.

Your ex will be, in a sense, expecting you to call and express regret on what happened. So just imagine what a blow it will be to his dignity when rather than crying and begging for his love on the phone, you don't call at all! Your ex will be surprised and curious why you didn't do what was anticipated by him.

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While you leave all the thinking to your ex boyfriend, you need to make some noticeable positive changes in your personality. Firstly, you need to be retrospective to identify the faults that you made that caused your boyfriend to call the relationship off. And secondly, you need to regain your attractive appearance that can woo your ex easily.

You need to become more social and try to catch the spotlight in parties by dressing up smartly. The key is to enhance your personality's feminine aspect so that you appeal to your boyfriend. Choose colorful dresses, get a complete makeover and even think about changing your hairdo. It's all about giving your ex boyfriend maximum reasons to get back in your life once again.

Your ex boyfriend will feel more inclined into giving you a second chance after finding about how you've resurfaced again with a bang. And just to be little dramatic you can let him know indirectly that right now you've got better things to do than to start a new relationship with anyone.

Soon your ex boyfriend will be on the edge feeling distressed and frantically wanting you back in his life. And then it's you call when you want him back in your arms again.

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Since your break up your world doesn't seem right. Even if you were the one who initiated the break up you feel that you would like to get back with your ex but fear that he/she might not like you anymore. Here are a few tips that you can use to tell if your ex likes you.

Your ex keeps in touch
If your ex doesn't like you then he/she will not make any effort to remain in touch with you. So if your ex calls you at times or keeps in touch with you over text messages or IM's then he/she is still not over you and still like you.

You accidentally keep bumping into him/her
You don't expect to see your ex at your local bookstore but you do. He/she seems to bump into you at the weirdest of all places. If this seems like your story and you seem to be running into your ex where you least expect it you should know that your ex still likes you.

Are your friends suddenly talking about him/her
Your friends suddenly seem to get talking of your ex. You will be posted on all the latest updates regarding your ex. You will know the most significant and insignificant details. Don't be surprised at this because it is your ex who wants you to know more about him/her.

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Is your ex looking noticeably different
Is your ex looking dramatically different? If you suddenly see a change in the way your ex looks or if you find him/her wearing styles and designs that were your favorites then you should know that your ex still likes you.

He/she offers to be friends
When your ex comes to you and offers to be friends then you should know that he/she still likes you. Being friends is the first step that he/she is taking to reconciliation.

He/she takes the entire blame for your breakup
When you find your ex coming back to you and offering a heartfelt apology he/she obviously still likes you. You can be especially sure that he still likes you when he/she takes the entire blame for everything that went wrong in your relationship.

He/she talks about your life minus the break up
You can also be sure that your ex still likes you when he/she talks to you about how your lives would have been if you had been together. He/she talks of all sorts of possibilities and then laughs it off because he/she is scared of putting you off.

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