The following article by Siobhan Sims was published
in The Kilkenny People 15 February 2008.

I OFTEN have people ask me should they stay in their jobs for money or should they follow their heart and possibly take a job which may leave them happy but broke. I always tell these people to go with their gut and as a coach, I recommend them to have a goal and a plan. So when changing jobs, make sure you are not jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. If you were not happy in your job and are moving to a similar job, you need to stop and ask yourself a few questions:

- What was it about my last job that I did not like?
- What would make me happy in my next job?
- How can I prepare myself for my new job?
- If I was to die in a year and had to work, what job would I choose?

I normally pick as many options that I can think of and then work it down to the top three and then pick my number one. It doesn't make it as daunting.

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If money was not an option, what job would I want? I can hear you now; ‘Why on earth would I want to work if I didn?t have to worry about money.’ Simple. People need a purpose in life and that contributes to your happiness, so money or not, pick a job. I dare you!

How would I like to be remembered in my last job?

Now that you have given some consideration to your future career, how do you leave your current job?

1. Play by the rules. Make sure to give the required notice for leaving as per your contract. It will leave a bad taste in an employer’s mouth by having to rush to find someone to take your place or worst of all, not have someone at all and leave your co-workers having to pick up the pieces.

2. Leave with a smile. OK, so you didn’t like your bosses aftershave and you thought you could do a better job at running the business, but leaving a job for those reasons sounds immature and will not have people missing you. Its simple. You are going down a different career path and will be sad to be leaving them. As I always say, life is too short to be drinking vinegar when you can be eating sugar. I know, its Lent.

3. Ask before you volunteer. It is only polite to ask if they will provide a reference to aid your future job hunting venture. I know plenty who don’t ask and then inundate their previous employer with calls and letters from prospective employers without a word of warning. You wouldn’t like it, would you?

4. Finish what you started. Many people feel the need to ‘doss’ till they finish their job since they can’t be fired! Its nothing but bad karma, so finish up your work load and leave it so they wish you never had left.

I’ve given you some advice but you know what’s right and wrong and I trust that you will go by it.

Author's Bio: 

Siobhan Sims, life coach and self-improvement writer, began her love of coaching while working in Philadelphia after achieving her B.A. Honours Degree in Social & Political Studies and I.T. The company she was working for, was all about positive living and having a balanced life as an employee. Siobhan was hooked and on returning, searched for a company that had the same mission in Kilkenny, Ireland.

However, it was not to be found and in 2006, after a serious health scare, she left her job as a manager to work part-time in a bookshop, a dream of hers from a young age. It was during this time that she was able to decide what she wanted from life and her future. She realised that her calling was to become a life coach and enrolled with the ILI and became qualified a year later, specialising in stress management.

She started her own company and while being in demand, especially for her inspiring workshops, found she missed the social aspect of working with other people. That is when she started managing Khan's Books in Kilkenny and found she was able to write her books, coach and still have the aspect of being social and surrounded by her two favourite things in life: people and books!

She is married and living in Kilkenny, Ireland, and is currently preparing for the release of her book, "Did your Day Count? - Learn to get Balance and Direction in your Life!

If one thing is evident from the life of Siobhan Sims, it is that with hard work and direction, you can achieve your dreams.

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