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Nowadays wedding costs are high in the UK with the average cost of a wedding being around а $20,000. There are of course many things to purchase for a wedding including a bridal dress, bridesmaid's dresses, grooms suit and best man suit, hiring a venue, entertainment and the list goes on. This has led some people to question whether they should hire a professional wedding videographers company or not as the cost of a wedding is already quite high.


Some couples have tried purchasing mini camcorders that cost only around а $100 and hand them to family and friends on the day to record some of the day's highlights, it's true that these mini camcorders are quite high quality and that your family and friends may catch some good shots of the wedding day and celebrations. However there have been many cases where when they watch the video footage back on a large TV screen they notice that the footage is blurred and often at times out of focus as the family and friends who were filming are not trained wedding videographers. There have also been cases where family or friends have forgot they were supposed to be filming as they were enjoying the celebrations and ended up filming the floor.

If you are spending a large amount of money on a wedding then it makes sense that you would like to be able to relive that day in the future with your loved ones, in order to ensure you have a high quality video/DVD you can watch in the future you should hire a professional wedding video company. This is because you will get a trained wedding videographer whose sole job will be to records the day's events so nothing gets missed, some companies will actually send two and up to three wedding videographers so you can get multiple angles of the day. Another advantage of using professionals is that they will edit all footage before they send it to you so you're left with a DVD that has no out of focus shots, most wedding video companies now offer a short highlights video as well that lasts around 5 - 10 minutes. This is great to share with family and friends and it can be put onto a DVD or uploaded YouTube for you to be able to easily share.


Therefore if you want to be ensured your special day's memories are going to be expertly recorded on high quality video equipment and professionally edited you should hire a professional wedding video company and you'll end up with a wedding DVD you can keep forever.

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