Should I Give My Ex An Ultimatum: Giving Ex An Ultimatum

When your partner breaks up with you, it really is the most gut wrenching experience of all time. The majority of adults will have experienced a break up at some point, but with varying degrees of upset.

The good news is that 80-90% of break ups can be reversed, but if you go about it in the wrong way, you could blow your chances for good.

The real pain comes when you truly love your partner and can't envisage what life without them would be like.

The initial pain of the break up is so raw that you really just want to beg them not to leave you. Many add to their misery by listening to sad music, whilst others wear down their friends and family with constant phone calls and texts 24/7.

Well, I'm afraid that none of these tactics will get your ex back. Feeling sorry for yourself (albeit justified) is the worst thing you can do. You need to show your ex that you are not that needy, pathetic, emotional wreck that they are probably expecting.

Show them that you are a strong confident person (even if you are dying inside). Confidence and strength are highly attractive to the opposite sex, the first step to make your ex want you back!

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I have to add at this point not to get too carried away with your new found confidence and try to make your ex jealous by dating or pretending to date others (this will give them the message that you have moved on already, and any doubts they may have about breaking up, will quickly disappear).

At this stage of the break up, things are extremely delicate. Just by showing confidence and understanding but not dating others, you are showing respect to your ex and this will make them feel good about you.

Give your ex some breathing space and time to ponder whatever it was that triggered the break up. Again, this goes against all your instincts to keep in constant touch with them, but you may find that the time they have away from you, will show them just how valuable your relationship together really was.

Don't even think of giving ultimatums to your ex at this point. Bullying your ex into doing something they don't want to do will backfire. It might feel good at the time to let go of some of the anger and upset, but now is the time to show them understanding and be prepared to meet them halfway on things (even if you don't really agree). Show them that you have a compassionate and understanding side (always hard to resist).

Finally, remember why you and your ex were initially attracted to each other. What changed? Even the best relationships become monotonous. Try to find that person that your ex fell for. Dig deep and start oozing that newly found confidence. Nothing is more attractive and it will have a positive effect on all areas of your life.

If you want to make your ex want you back, you have to have a game plan. It won't just happen. It is probably the case that you will get one shot at it - just one! Mess up and it's all over, no going back.

Many of the tricks used to get your ex back are psychological, but make no mistake, they are really powerful and are proven to work if implemented correctly. Just keep a level head and follow the plan and you can make your ex want you back.

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There is a huge difference between an ex coming back and an ex desperately wanting you back. An ex coming back can only offer limited guarantees that he'd stay for keeps while an ex desperately wanting you back will do everything to have you and keep you. If you want to achieve the latter result in your ex-reconciliation campaign, observe the tips below that will help you create a sense of urgency in him.

o Chill and relax. Keep your cool. Instead of sitting in a corner and consistently crying over the break up (or worst, stalking your ex), find a way to relax and chill. Savor your loveless yet happy moments by enjoying other people's company and activities you haven't done before.

o Adjust to your new life (even if it's just temporary). Sure, you might already be used to doing almost everything with him, but this does not mean you can no longer do things on your own. Continue with your routine without him. This not only increases your chances of being seen by him, but also lets you find how to enjoy your old activities even despite his absence.

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o Keep distance. Your ex may now be really attracted to you seeing how you've kept your cool despite him expecting you to be on a break down. As he's pulled back to you, he will surely try to find a way to reach you. One trick he might try is to ask for your help. Help him without showing much excitement. Leave him to wonder why you are keeping distance; and leave him to wonder if there's someone new going around.

o Give an ultimatum. Seeing you all made up from all areas will make you appear like a priceless catch he'll be unwilling to let go. Set an ultimatum by pretending to have completely forgotten him which will surely create a sense of urgency in him to win you back as soon as possible.

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The time following the breakup has been nothing short of exhausting. You want to get your ex back, but have been thinking night and day on how to actually make that happen, only to find fault with all the options you've come up with thus far. What can you do? What kind of magic advice will ACTUALLY help you succeed in your efforts to get your ex back?

The advice is really simple, and there is no magic involved - I promise. All it takes it a bit of patience, effort, and more patience to make it work. You need to try to separate yourself from the emotions you are feeling right now and look upon your situation with a bit of common sense.

Here are the facts at hand: you and your ex have split, there were horribly nasty things said and done during the breakup - from both parties - and they left with no intentions of return. Does this seem like the time to go plowing forward to try to get your ex back? No, of course not! Any attempts at reconciliation now are only likely to be met with anger and rejection.

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You need to leave your ex alone for awhile. No contact whatsoever. They were hopping mad when you last saw them, and they need some time to cool down from those intense emotions. They will not be able to see the error in their own ways, let alone want to get back together, until they can get over those raw painful feelings the breakup caused.

If you are beating yourself up right now over things you said and did to your ex during the breakup - don't sweat it. Your ex said things too and they are probably looking on their own behavior in the same, embarrassed light that you are. Just worry about fixing your own mistakes, the things in you that led you to react the way you did, and trust that your ex will do the same.

To really get on the fast track to get your ex back, show them that you have moved on and you mean business! Go out, look your best, and have a great time. If, for example, your ex gave you a piece of jewelry, you should wear this out when you hit the town. Your mutual friends will pass on the message that you are not only doing fine, but that you also look great. They are likely to mention that you are still wearing the jewelry that they gave you, which will be significant to your ex and vital to your efforts to get your ex back. The fact that you are out wearing the jewelry will give them pause. You would have no reason to continue to wear the piece if you had no feelings about the person who gave it to you, so this shows them, in a concrete way, that they are still on your mind.

Now, do what has to be done to get your ex back. Call them up and ask them on a date. Let them know that you want to start over again - no rush - and see where things lead from there.

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We've all made mistakes at some point in time, but with mistakes to getting your ex back, three mistakes can be avoided pretty easily. At a time when everyone else is probably trying to give you relationship advice for the next time around, all you want to do is to get your ex back. Forget about the next time around, what you really want is to pull your ex back right into your loving arms. But with all that focus and passion for what you want to get done, you really have to be careful to avoid these three mistakes.

Mistake #1-Being too open. Sure, your ex wants to know that you can open up and let your emotions be available for scrutiny. But now is just not the right time to put it all out there. By being too open at a time like this, you run the risk of looking pathetic and way too needy. Sure, you need your ex back, and you NEED a lot of other things right now too. Just don't let them know that, or you might do accomplish exactly the opposite of what you're trying to do.

Mistake #2-Dating while waiting. Of course it is lonely being without your ex, and you might figure there could be no harm in dating around a little while you are waiting for your ex to wise up and come running back to you. But there is harm that can be done-a whole lot of harm, actually. Once they see that all you want is a warm body to keep you company, they will no longer feel special to you, especially since they will think you are having sex with someone else!

Mistake #3-Feeling sorry for yourself. Get on with your life. Don't pursue any other relationships just yet, but definitely do not sit around feeling sorry for yourself. All that's going to do is make you look as if you have no life of your own without your ex. And if that's true, then why would they want to come back anyway?

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