That's one of the most common dating questions women have. The calling rules as they relate to men can get a bit confusing. It's difficult to always know whether you should pick up the phone and reach out to him or if you should continue to wait for him to make the call. The best advice is to not do either of these things. There's one move every woman should make if her man doesn't call. She needs to resist the temptation to call him and instead focus on her own life.

We get so caught up in what he feels and thinks when we're dating a man that we lose sight of ourselves sometimes. Many of us have been guilty of checking our cell phone every couple of minutes hoping that by looking at it we're willing it to ring. It doesn't work that way. If he isn't calling it's simply because he doesn't feel the urge to talk to you right now. So why in the world would you be the one to constantly reach out to talk to him? If you do that, you're going to kill his attraction quickly. Your best move is to go out and enjoy your life and not wait impatiently for a call that isn't coming anytime soon. You'll only become increasingly frustrated if you wait hour after hour for him to call. Your time is worth more than that so take advantage of the time and do something you really enjoy be it going out with girlfriends or getting in a work out.

One of the main reasons men don't call is they don't feel a need to. Consider your own relationship recently. Have you been the one to initiate most of the calls? If you have, you're not alone. Many women do this because they want to keep in close contact when they're building a relationship with a man. He picks up on that and so he sees absolutely no reason to call. Why should he call when he knows you'll be doing it at some point? That's why it's so effective if you stop calling him completely. Just let things be and let him realize that you're not taking on the role of sole caller anymore. It will change his attitude pretty quickly if he's into you. He'll start calling more often and you'll eventually get to a place in the relationship where communication is much more balanced.

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Does it seem as if to successfully make him fall in love you will have to sell your soul? Have you almost given up on all hope of having him be interested in being in a relationship with you? Would you like to know how adding a little romance to your dating life can help you tremendously? Keep reading to find out more.

Get emotional

If you want to make him fall in love, then you have to make him open up. You need to focus all of your efforts on making an emotional bond with him. The strongest relationships are built on friendship. Being friends will allow you to really get to know him and vice versa. Open up to him and that will encourage him to be more open to you.

Get respect

To build a lasting relationship then you have to have his respect. It is OK if he finds you really attractive physically, but above that he should find your personality and individuality even more attractive. You may gain his interest by being cute and funny, but you will make him fall in love by showing him your true feelings for him. Guys can tell if your heart really isn't in a relationship. So go in with the mindset that you are giving him your all.

Get patient

There is no need to rush to have sex when you are trying to make him fall in love. Holding off on sex will allow the emotional side of the relationship enough time to grow and blossom. You will be free to discovery each other and develop a real connection. Having sex too early will only cause him to lose focus of what should be really important in the relationship and focus on something not that can wait till later.

You can make him fall in love. Use these three romantic dating tips, and you will have his heart in his hands.

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Guys really aren't only out there for sex. If a guy is looking to be in a relationship then he is looking for something much deeper. They are actually looking to connect with a woman heart to heart.

A Great friend

One thing that will always rub guys the right way if he has a very real friendship with his girl. There Is something about friendship that just makes relationships became more passionate and intimate. If you want to make him fall in love then you need to prove to him that you can be a great friend to him. You have to be there for him when he needs someone to talk with. You have to cheer him up when he's down.

A respectful women

You have to treat your relationship as if it is something that you are willing to put your whole heart into. If you can't give your all then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship. A guy will not respect you if you are going half hearted in your relationship. If you want he to know for sure that you are sincere then you have to show him how serious you are. Let him see that you really do care about him. Let him see that you respect him and would never do anything to hurt him.

A girl he can talk to

Guys want a girl who is open enough to engage him in interesting conversations. They want a girl who they can tell all of their hopes and dreams as well as their deepest fears. Communication is the one factor that will keep your relationship going strong for a long time. Talking is probably the quickest way to get him to trust you enough to open up to him. Try to get him to talk to you and your relationship will grow to new heights.

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To make a guy fall in love; do you think you have what it takes? Dating can be a complicating and confusing thing, are you sure you are ready for such a commitment. Do you need a little extra help to ensure that you win his heart? If you fit that description than this article will help you overcome all of your uncertainties. Keep reading to find out more.

Men have a really annoying habit of confusing love and lust. A lot of time they are really attracted to a girl when the first meet her but it is mostly physical. A lot of women would probably appreciate it if guys were better able to tell the difference, but that probably won't change anytime soon. It should only make you appreciate even more how difficult it really is to make a guy fall in love.

Idea 1 - Be his friend

Guys really are simply. They would rather open up to a girl who they have a friendship with than a girl who they just met. Being his friend will put you ahead of a lot of other girls when it comes to winning his heart. Besides, how much different is dating and friendship? Sure friendship does not have the physical aspect of relationships, but they can be just as intimate. You can really get to know a guy through friendship and he can also get to know you.

Idea 2 - Don't push the envelope

So after you finally convince him to start dating, you may want the relationship to get intimate quick. But if he is not at that stage yet, then make sure that you don't push him. Men like to take their time to get their emotions under control. While he is getting his stuff in order just enjoy spending time with him. There is no words that can explain the joy of being in a relationship with a guy that you love. So take advantage of it, relax, and have fun.

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