If you are feeling tired, maybe you’re not sleeping well, maybe you have numbness in your limbs, restlessness, cramps, twitches, aches or pains. Maybe you have migraines, or worse. Well, before you do anything else, you should absolutely seek out a medical professional to be sure that there aren’t more serious issues at play, because a lot of the issues which a chiropractor and Brick, or a provider of massage and Brick address share symptoms with far more serious medical issues.


This isn’t to diminish the medical understanding of chiropractors nor massage therapists, but those more severe things just aren’t their fields, and they aren’t looking to diagnose such things, so they simply won’t. Always seek consultancy with a physician before turning to lower-impact forms of treatment like chiropractic care or massage.


That said, a chiropractor in Brick or massage in brick can help you a lot, and the only reason these professionals have such a dubious reputation among the more closed-minded, bandwagon type of people is because the science behind chiropractic care, as well as massage therapy, is based on an understanding of the human body that is in fact ancient. Yes, in modern times, they follow a scientific interpretation, with electrical signals traveling through the nervous system, blood through the veins, etc. But, long ago in ancient Asia, they knew that some sort of mechanism like this had to exist. They called it Chi, because an understanding of electricity and conductive tissue did not yet exist. Nonetheless, they understood this concept well enough to develop things like various forms of massage, acupuncture and acupressure, yoga in India, tai chi in Japan and China, and much more.


The thing is, because chiropractors and massage therapists use similar charts and similar techniques to the ancients, people assume that this stuff won’t work. Well, the only reason the ancients are thought of is so primitive on a medical level is because other forms of medicine, practically religious forms, well, those didn’t work. But, they are right on the money with their understanding of Chi, at least on a conceptual level.


So, the question is, do you need a chiropractor or a masseuse? A masseuse will simply help you relieve muscle tension, to relax, to reinvigorate your nervous system and your circulation. As a result, and masseuse isn’t quite as costly as a chiropractor, whereas a chiropractor, while costly, will help you to realign your bones, help you to regain mobility, help you improve circulation and much more.


Truth be told, if you could afford it, you should get a massage every couple of weeks at least, and see a chiropractor on a monthly basis if your body is prone to tension, limited mobility, etc.


Just because they are practices are based on ancient understanding does not mean they aren’t extremely valid, very effective and more than capable of increasing your quality of life and your general well-being. It’s worth it, trust me, I started seeing a masseuse in a chiropractor on a regular basis, and I haven’t felt this good in years.



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This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.