Should I Apologize To My Ex For Acting Crazy: Should I Apologize To My Ex Or Let It Go

When we believe we have hurt our ex, and are trying to get him back, it is natural to want to apologize for whatever wrongdoings we think we have committed. We may even try and apologize for something we haven't done just to bring peace to the relationship. Acknowledging our part in the breakup goes a long way to bring about healing.

Apologies Don't Always Work...

However, we've all had the experience of apologizing with a contrary result. We're genuinely hurting because we see we have hurt the other person. What we say, we say from the heart. Yet the next thing we know, we are on the receiving end of lots of criticism and verbal abuse.

....And Can Create More Arguments

Sometimes it happens so fast, we start another round of arguments! Feeling unfairly criticized, we reply in kind. We're confused because what started out with the best of intentions has spiraled out of control. At this point, it becomes really hard to make the whole episode right. It might be so bad, we feel tricked, when we were being open and vulnerable.

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Of Course, There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Apologize,...

It's not your fault this has happened. We are all conditioned since children to apologize in the wrong way. A proper apology is a skill like any other. And skills can be developed with continuing practice.

...And What You Must Not Do!

When you do it correctly, you are not looking for forgiveness. Nor are you trying to justify yourself. Moreover, you are not trying to defend your actions. You must be genuine as you very well know.

The essential part of this whole process is to acknowledge how your actions have impacted the relationship. That's the fundamental approach you have to take. Now you might be thinking that's what you're doing already. But all things being equal, if your attempts aren't succeeding you're missing something.

Apologizing is a communications skill. As such it can be developed with continuing practice. Done well it can work powerfully to turn around a relationship. Done poorly, you have just put the last nail into the coffin of your relationship.

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History is replete with examples of long lost lovers reuniting and staying together happily for the rest of their lives. If you too want your ex back in your life then pay attention and follow the simple yet effective steps given below.

Get your confidence back

You will have to stop feeling miserable about the breakup and get a handle on your emotions. This may require professional help and you should go and get it without feeling ashamed. After all you are only trying to get better mentally, physically and emotionally. There are numerous counseling agencies or non profit organizations that will gladly help you come to grips with the situation you are in.

Resist the temptation

Having got a semblance of normalcy post breakup you will have to control your urge to call or meet your ex. You don't want to look desperate as that will further drive away your ex. He/she has to be invited cordially back into your life. Don't act on your impulses and spoil the attempt.

Get a plan ready

Winning your ex back is no walk in the park and you need lots of planning. So, put in a fool proof plan and then get going. The plan has to include your approach, your way of impressing, the qualities you need to inculcate and the obnoxious habits that you need to get rid off.

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Give an impression that you are moving on

Once your plan is in place you will have to deliberately demonstrate that you are moving on in life. This is necessary as your ex will no longer feel awkward in your presence. Once this awkwardness is taken care of you will be better placed to woo or charm him/her. This is a mind game that you will have to play.

Show your net worth

You will have to show that you are more than what your ex thinks of you. For that to happen you will have to be successful in your work or achieve something professionally or academically. This will up your value as an individual.

Strength of character

You have to come across as a person of integrity and character. Resist the temptation to date on the rebound and prove that you are not as malleable as some of your other peers are. Your ex will not fail to notice this change and will be pleased for you.

Show you are still vulnerable

Now you have to show that you are still available for your ex. Since you are not dating you will still be eligible; keep a busy social calendar and socialize with your common and new friends. Look happy and always be in high spirits. Your changed behavior and your happy nature will begin to draw your ex towards you all over again. From here on it is only a matter of time before he/she asks for a second chance.

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We all have someone in our lives that we consider "the one who got away", one long lost love that we wish we'd handled differently. Maybe if we'd told them the truth, maybe if we'd spoken up and told them how we felt, maybe if we had the courage to let them know, things would have different. Here's a couple of ways that you are get back that lost relationship.

Get to know them, again

Your relationship is "lost" for a reason. No matter how much time has gone by, you're both different people now. You're going to need to take the time to get one know them for who they are now, not just how you remember them. You may find that you love the new them even more.

Speak up

You have to tell them how you feel upfront. If you don't, you run the risk of losing them again. You have to be straight with them and hope for the best. You never know, maybe they felt the same way but were too shy to say anything.

Find new things in common

Some time has gone by, and you'll find that the two of you have new interests. Spend some time learning what they're interests are, then take an interest in the things they're into. Having shared interests' gives you more to talk about, this is the first step to getting back to where you were.

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Be honest

You have to be truthful about who you are. If enough time has gone by, it's clear you want to make a good impression on them, but don't lie to them in an attempt to impress them. Just be up front and see how it works out. They will find the truth refreshing, and will go a long way to reviving your lost love.

Put it all out on the table

So the chance to reunite with your lost love is here, so don't ruin it by trying to keep secrets. If you were involved with someone else during that time, you need to tell them that in the beginning. You don't want them finding out another way, or worse, from someone else. Better they hear it from you.

Stay consistent

Whatever you did to get them back is what you need to do to keep them. You're trying to win them back, but you can't put your best foot forward for a few weeks, then stop after it seems like you're making progress. You have to keep it up.

Respect their new life

You have to understand that time has passed, and things for them are different now. Respect that they have new interests, new friends, and a new life. Do you best to integrate yourself into this new life, but without disrupting what they're already doing.

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It seems absolutely impossible that you can make your ex miss you like crazy. Your ex was so angry with you when you broke up! It also tore your heart apart to see how much you hurt your ex when you said those terrible things to him/her. There is just no way that your ex will want you back at all after this!

You know, right now your ex might be really mad with you, but after a few days, he/she will probably realize that those hurtful things you said were only said because you were angry. Given time, it will all blow over, and being apart from you for so long will make your ex miss you like crazy.

Now you might just think that, to speed things up a bit, you should call your ex and apologize to try to fix things sooner. DON'T do this! If you call your ex right now, there is a good chance that you are going to start crying as soon as you hear your ex's voice. There is also a very good chance that your emotions will take over and make you beg and plead with your ex to be taken back.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

This is pathetic, and will NOT make your ex miss you like crazy. Actually, it will have the totally opposite effect on your ex. He/she will be so disgusted by your behaviour, that any remote thoughts of getting back together again will be pushed aside immediately!

All you have to do now is just relax, look after yourself, and let nature take its course. You have been through a very traumatic time as well, so you need some to heal yourself too. Put your ex to the back of your mind for now, and concentrate on doing things that will help you to feel better.

If there were things that you wanted to do but couldn't because you were in a relationship, then do them now. After all, you are single again and can do anything you please. You don't really have to put any special into trying to make your ex miss you like crazy - it will happen naturally.

You and your ex ARE going to bump into each other at some point. When your ex sees you after so long, he/she will be really eager to talk to you - this is because you did all you could to make your ex miss you like crazy.

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