Should Couples Eat Together: How Food Can Keep You Your Spouse Happy Together

As spring nears, couples often look for new and exciting ways to liven their marriage. Successful marriages are based upon the happiness, fulfillment and enjoyment that a couple feels in their marital relationship.

Anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations of a new job or just a fun evening with just the two of you can be the excuse that you need.

Mothers once said that a way to a man's romantic heart was through his stomach. Spice up the evening by decorating with flowers and favorite scented candles. Use a red table cloth and napkins with hearts, to set the mood. Don't forget to play the background music that will be pleasing to both of you. You might sit by the fire and dip strawberries in a chocolate fondue and feed each other. Let your imagination soar.

People have long recognized Valentine's Day as the day for love and romance. One legend says that a man by the name of Valentine, who was imprisoned and in love, sent the first romantic greeting card. It became known as a Valentine card and February 14 became known as Valentine's Day in honor of his romantic appeal. Why not try something different. A tasty menu highlights a romantic evening. First make a savory Swiss steak recipe that provides protein and dairy can be prepared ahead of time, placed in a casserole dish and baked while getting the other food on the table. Make a glazed-eyed carrot with sweet pea vegetable dish. Toss up some absolutely heavenly hash fruit salad and you are on your way to "hog heaven" with your lover. Honey butter is made by mixing honey and butter to spread on Angel biscuits.

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Serve a Decadent Chocolate cake substituting applesauce for sugar and serving with fresh strawberries. Stick toothpicks in strawberries. Dip the berry in melted chocolate and shake off excess. To create a more romantic atmosphere after dinner, save orange peels from the Heavenly Hash Fruit Salad and throw into the fire in the fireplace for a captivating aroma. Hot chocolate milk topped with whipped cream may be served as an after dinner delight.

Remember that any night can be a lover or valentine night with a little extra effort.

Overcome the urge to discuss business or disagreements. Recall times that you have enjoyed together. Talk about your wedding vows and nuptial promises. Light a candle to represent the years ahead. Make the evening another memory for the future.

Take the plunge and challenge yourself: Avoid the road to divorce and enjoy a romantic meal night and just see what happens!

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More times than not, it has to do with the things we're doing rather than the things we're not doing that continue to stand in the way of saving your marriage. But, how do you know if you're doing anything wrong? Nobody's ever told you and the only way you eventually figure it out is by recognizing that what you're doing just isn't working. While that's fine to eventually recognize that you're doing things wrong, how much more are you willing to risk by doing all the wrong things and waiting to figure out if it's working or not? Not any longer I assume, so here are some reasons why you'll continue to struggle. Learn them and avoid them as much as you can.

One of the first things that stands in the way of saving your marriage is how you're handling and dealing with the news that your spouse would like to end the marriage. Although this news is and can be emotionally crippling for some if not all of us, it's very important and critical the way in which you handle it. Even though this news has made you feel all kinds of things on the inside, anger, hurt, confusion, panic, frustration just for starters, try to remain in control the best you can. Do not let these feelings dictate how you are handling and dealing with your daily life and your discussions about the marriage. Being in control will both help you to cope on the inside and serve your best interest in handling the steps you need to take to save your marriage.

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The next thing that can really hinder your efforts is being very pushy and head strong with your spouse during this time. Your natural reaction is to stay on top of this issue and dig up and out anything and everything you can from your spouse that will both help you to understand why they want to end the marriage and what you can do to save it. While it's important to find out these things of course, it's even more important at a time like this that you respect your spouses need for some space and time to sort this out as well. If all you continue to do is badger and dig at them about the marriage, you can actually drive them to leave sooner. There's a fine line here that should be carefully considered so that you're not just pushing your spouse away or driving more space between the both of you by being overbearing.

There are many other things that potentially stand in the way of saving your marriage. I've just touched on a couple of the most potentially damaging or hindering. There's no sense in making huge leaps of progress in your marriage, if it still bares the chance of falling back apart by not knowing all the things you should avoid doing in the process. While it's important to learn what is needed to save your marriage, including the steps to do so, it's equally important to learn all you can about what will keep you or stop you from saving it as well.

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How important are good manners in a relationship? I submit to you that manners are extremely important and can make or break a relationship. You do not have to act like the characters from Pride and Prejudice to have good manners, though that could be fun! No, simple things, like saying the "magic words" can make a world of difference in the quality of your connection.

Whether you have been married for a few months or a few decades, you can appreciate how good manners impact your relationship. Take a look at these two examples of good manners and judge for yourself whether they enhance your relationship:

1. Remembering to say the magic words

If you heard the question, "What is the magic word?" when you growing up, as I did, you learned quickly to say "Please" and "Thank you" when you made a request or were given something. If you experienced this, you probably say these words automatically now. You may be thinking, "But they are just words!" Yes, they are. They are called magic words because they are powerful.

People crave appreciation and acknowledgment for their deeds. These powerful words give them what they need. The end result? A better connection in a relationship. Just from these two magic words! Another side effect of employing these two phrases is that you create goodwill in your relationship. If you have not done so already, decide to make these phrases a lifelong part of your vocabulary.

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2. Treating your partner as if you just met

You know the expression, "Familiarity breeds contempt"? As you become more comfortable with your partner, you tend to allow your own frustrations to filter through. You take your bad moods out on your partner, whether it is deserved or not. You take each other for granted. These are examples of how familiarity can lead to contempt, or at the very least to bad manners.

Do not fall into this trap. Yes, it takes a bit of effort to be polite to your partner, but why would you want to treat your partner badly? Admit it. Even when you are nursing a bad mood, you still manage to treat strangers kindly. So why not do the same thing with the one you love the most?

What are the benefits of good manners in your relationship? Harmony, better connection, less conflict, more smiles and laughter, and so on. While it is not possible to always be on your best behavior, you can do this with a small amount of effort. Is it worth it? Ask any couple who has been successfully married for a decade or more. They will tell you that good manners are essential to keeping them happily together.

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The place of sex in marriage cannot be overemphasized. It is in fact, the bedrock of a good communication and understanding in the home. Sexual relationship between a man and his wife will help them to express their innate feelings for each other.

Here are tips for a smooth sexual understanding in marriage:

1. Have good information about yourself (safe periods, ovulation, etc). You may read books, ask doctors/ matrons.
2. Maintain a positive mental attitude about lovemaking. It is not only for men to enjoy.
3. Stimulate your husband with good bath, daily hygiene and neat nightdress.
4. Always communicate your feelings and findings verbally and non-verbally.
5. Your man does not know how to stimulate you. Show him and direct him about what to do.
6. Relax! Avoid all forms of anxiety.
7. Avoid nagging, unsettled quarrels, discussions, and demands that will affect the mood.
8. Don't use sex as bait or a weapon against him. It is not trade by barter.
9. Avoid over working yourself (the daily fatigue/ tiredness)
10. Beware of some borrowed fears (like previous pains, pregnancy, other people's experience)

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11. Work on any known fear discovered. For example body odour, mouth odour, vaginal odour, discharges etc.
12. Explain the times of emotional disorder, sickness, or unsafe period to your husband.
13. Love your husband as a person.
14. The use of condom or other contraceptives should be with the Doctor's approval.
15. Family planning is no sin.
16. Remember the possible implication of sexual intercourse and make adequate provision for them.
17. Before intercourse, don't romance the tip of the man's penis to avoid early ejaculation.
18. Practice enough foreplay: intimate talk, touching, kissing, hugging, petting, and undressing yourselves.
19. Practice and say sweet words to your husband during the intercourse, and play together before final withdrawal.
20. When all things fail, pray.

The road to marriage success/marital happiness starts from the time when young people decide that they are ready for marriage. It is at this point that they need to know a lot about what they are getting into.

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