In the modern era, we see a lot of focus from parents and teachers on language and communication skills. It has become paramount to be proficient in English to survive the real world out of school. However, is that really required? We often see people arguing about the same. While some say that language is a medium of expression and as long as the point is conveyed, grammar and nuances don’t matter. However, some people emphasize hard on the importance of communication skills.

Let us think about the real world. Do doctors need to excel at language or just doing their job right suffices? Do geologists need to worry about grammar? Well, one would have said that they just need to know their job right if we weren’t in 2021. There was an era when working in isolation was the norm. However, the evolution of commerce and globalization has made it imperative for people to interact. All efforts need to be documented. Doctors need to talk to their patients and also others in the hospital to ensure proper treatment. Geologists need to interact with people around the globe. This needs them to communicate effectively. Think of a lack of language skills and none of the professionals will survive. Interacting on the global level requires knowledge of a common language, such as English. However, one can still not deny the importance of mother tongue. Top schools in Assam understand the importance of both English and the local language and come up with a unique approach that helps students to be proficient in both.

How the students perform beyond school depends on how they communicate. It is thus important for schools to focus on this aspect of development. Primary schools in Jorhat lay the foundation for better communication skills from a very early age. This helps the children with cognitive development as well. Below are some other ways in which early language exposure can help the students:

  • Increased understanding of situations and maturity in routine tasks
  • Better psychological growth
  • Development of social skills
  • Confidence building in students
  • Better bonds with peers because of the ease of communication
  • Inclination to consume valuable content in form of books or audio-video material
  • Students get the encouragement to indulge in deep discussions that help increase knowledge

Here are some benefits of communication that the best schools in Assam realize and thus make it one of the primary areas of focus:

  • Effective communication is necessary to survive the competition of the professional world.
  • Top universities regard communication skills as one of the major parameters of admission. They test both written and oral communication to assess the candidate’s ability to express themselves.
  • Recruiters also use communication skills as a major indicator of competence during job interviews. They check if the candidate has the requisite skills to navigate through tough situations that they may encounter in the job.
  • Students with better language acumen have proven to have advanced cognitive skills.

Top 10 schools in Assam realize the importance of superior language skills in children and facilitate the following to help inculcate them:

  • Debates and extempores
  • Story-telling and group reading sessions
  • Group discussion
  • Oration in morning assembly

This way, they equip their students with the tools to navigate through the real world. It is thus essential that a school’s pedagogy focuses on language and communication. If you are considering a school, talk to them to understand their take on this aspect. Most times, it also reflects in the educational philosophy mentioned in their handbooks. One of the best schools in Jorhat, focusing extensively on language proficiency, is Hemalata Handiqui Memorial Institute.

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HHMI Jorhat features a rich library with a vast selection of books. There is also provision for language labs, spelling and vocabulary competitions, storytelling and oration events, etc.

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