You do not need explanation about Low immune System if you reading this article.

You are looking for solution. Am I right?

Anyway before finding solution to this puzzle here are some facts.

• A low immune system is diagnosed through the observance of chronic infections, recurrent colds and flu, repeated outbreaks of herpes and sore lymph glands. Some say that cancer only occurs in a low immunity situation.

• People who are often sick, have a lot of allergies, and experience unexplainable fatigue may have symptoms of immune system failure.

• When the immune system is weak there are immune system diseases and disorders that attack the body. Symptoms of immune system failure can manifest themselves in several different ways. Immune system diseases and disorders come in all shapes and sizes such as ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, allergies, asthma, and the list goes on and on.

We can try some basic and sophisticated solutions like:

• When symptoms of immune system failure such as fatigue and sickness continue there are vitamins and minerals that can be taken to boost the immune system.

• Vitamins helping improve a weak immune system include: vitamin C, zinc, Echinacea, probiotics, and vitamin E. Vitamin C is tops on the list of immune system vitamins and minerals that curb symptoms of immune system failure. Vitamin C increases white blood cells and antibodies preventing the entry of viruses. Research shows that people who have diets in vitamin C have lower rates of colon, breast, and prostate cancer.

• Cat's claw - use the tincture or pill form of this herb to improve a low immune system. It is reported to be used to help cancer patients by increasing their amount of white blood cells. It is often mixed with other herbs. Cat's Claw should be taken only on the advice of medical herbalist. Do not exceed the prescribed dose and report any side effects.

You can use many other remedies, minerals, herbs and vitamins. They can help in some cases and failed in others.

The best is to visit a doctor, have done tests for immune system and balance of vitamins and minerals before any treatment.

Looking closer - I have a simple question. What is in the base of all problems with immune system?

We know that Immune System is one of the most sophisticated self-winding systems.

The answer will surprise you.

Immune System like many designed by us machines requires energy. Luck of proper resting and regeneration of vital energy, overwork, any health problems can generate the situation (I prefer the word – trap) where Immune System is in Low state. It cannot return to good condition or is regenerating not enough fast.


Most relevant explanation is in ineffective resting during sleep. Luck of sleep, sleep deprivation, extended sleep hours without visible results, restless nights, shorten sleep hours.

If I will have crazy neighbor (fun of heavy metal music) playing music during entire night I will be very tired morning. If it will happen day by day I will be desperate to have a bit of good rest.

The same scenario is with us trying to rest why our body is exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Your body, or rather body Defense System is trying to fight EMFs due to false recognition them as an invaders. Defense System is acting like with viruses or bacteria. Instead of resting your body is in an alert state. Your Defense System is engaged in battle with electromagnetic fields. Energy is drain out from the body for that hopeless fight.

You can say – I will turn off all my power equipment. That right – you can do it, but you cannot turn of even single one natural source of EMFs penetrating all man-made structures (without losing energy). We know about those phenomena for more than four thousand years. They were a threat at that time and they are today.

Solving the puzzle!

Now is the time to use our shortcut to better health.

As we discovered the best for us is to rest in no EMFs place. Great, but how to do it?
We need something like a protection shield separating us from EMFs. Protection should be used in any place like home, office, car farm building etc.
Those ideas involved into invention and solution proven for over 15 years. It is like umbrella and protects as good too. The basic “Umbrella” protects from any EMFs rising from under your floor, house etc.

Why that? – Most of the disturbing us EMFs (accept power lines) are originated under our homes and apartments. As you said earlier – you can turn off all power equipment in your home accept rising from under your floor. Here will help our “Umbrella”. Of course EMFs are everywhere, but we are trying to protect resting space first.

Results are excellent – you can sleep, sleep and rest, sleep and revitalize energy. Not only you. Also all people and pets in your household will have the same benefits from it.

It is another step to go. Would you like to experience results beyond those from our “Umbrella”?

Personal Protection Device – has two features. The first is the same like for “Umbrella” – protection against EMFs. The second – this device converts collected “BAD” energy (EMFs) into broad spectrum of magnetic pulses. Those magnetic pulses enhance whole body functionality.

Two steps could change your whole life (as for so many others):
Step 1 - protect you and your family at home.
Step 2 - protect you outside your home and improve your health and life quality.

MicroAlpha Inc. ( is dedicated to continue with you this journey into better health.

Author's Bio: 

I was born in famous city Krakow in Poland. Here I spend my childhood and begin my education. I Graduated in Science from University in Krakow, Poland. Most of my professional life I spend in Research at Academy of Science and on varies of Universities and Scientific Institutes in Poland and Canada. I was involved in projects for NASA on University of Waterloo (Research sponsored by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Centre of Excellence for Molecular and Interfacial Dynamics).
Most significant from my patented inventions and ideas are dedicated to protection against EMF and Magnetopathy. I realized that my work can change others life. That meaningful approach to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) changed not only my life, also improved life of many people.
I would like to share my knowledge, experience and provide new way of understanding the background of many health problems with so called unknown causes supported by my long experience.