Marijuana is a natural drug that has been cultivated and used for so many years. Once shunned by most countries, it is now slowly being legalized in many places as its medicinal benefits are slowly being uncovered and proven effective. Although there is admittedly a lack of thorough research on this potent plant, experts have long established its numerous positive effects on its users. Exactly what are the short and long-term health benefits of smoking marijuana? Read on and find out.

Short-Term Health Benefits of Marijuana

When it comes to short-term benefits, smoking marijuana has found to increase feelings of euphoria, as well as relieve pain and improve creativity. It can also create a good body high that is both good and relaxing for reducing anxiety and stress. Regardless of its grade, smoking marijuana is beneficial to those suffering from mental illness.

Take note, though, that marijuana is not for everyone as it has shown to sometimes trigger increased feelings of anxiety, depression and paranoia once the high starts to wear away. Fortunately, these unpleasant effects usually diminish after a while. But if you suffer from these conditions, pick a marijuana strain that can ease stress and anxiety and not exacerbate your current problems.

Long-Term Health Benefits of Marijuana

Continuous and long-term benefits of medical marijuana has not been thoroughly evaluated yet, but those who smoke the plant – even low-grade strains – have been found to have fewer incidents of muscular problems. They also reported diminished pain sensations. Patients who regularly smoke is able to treat their pain concerns without resorting to excessive pharmaceuticals.

No malignant disturbances have been found among patients who smoke marijuana long-term as well. This shows that it does not exactly cause cancer, like most people believe it does. Also, there was no observed deterioration in neurological and neurophysiological among users who have smoked it for decades. Such positive outcome has been carefully considered by experts.

Another remarkable thing about smoking marijuana is that it has shown to decrease the risk of certain tumors and cancers, including neck cancer, lung cancer, head cancer, testicular cancer and glioma. The cannabinoids present in cannabis have shown to be very potent anti-tumor compounds that is able to reduce tumors and cancers.

Overall, marijuana is largely safe for use. Even on long-term, it has proven to show significant psychological and physiological benefits. There are those that might argue against its benefits, but the large chunk of science proving the safety and effectiveness of marijuana is not on their side. Although there are long-term safety issues, these can easily be reversed by discontinuing its use.

Marijuana is a safe substance that can be regularly consumed. To increase its good effects and reduce its bad effects, it is important to use mid- to high-grade marijuana. Lower grades have been found to be safe, but higher ones have fewer additives and toxins. Plus, it is a fresher product overall. If you have any concerns about the safety of smoking marijuana in the long-term, do some research on your own. You are bound to find that smoking cannabis is safe for many adults over the long term.

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