Short Haired dog. Check out 5 Tips and Care


Did you know that, like longhaired dogs, short-haired dogs also deserve special care? In general, tutors are more concerned with animals with larger coats, since they are popularly known for demanding more attention from their owners in this regard.

However, it is necessary to be careful with animals with short hair, as they can also have problems with falls and need attention to achieve healthier, shiny, and soft hair. Are you interested in knowing more about the subject? So, read on and stay on top!

Why take care of dog hair?

First of all, care for the hair of dogs, regardless of their length, helps in better hygiene of the animals. After all, when this occurs, cleaning their skin will also be guaranteed, avoiding dermatitis that may harm your pet's health. In addition, one of the main problems of those who have animals at home is the concern with hairs scattered in the environment.

When care is up-to-date, mainly on brushing, the tendency is for hair loss to decrease. With this, you can keep your house better sanitized. Another positive point is that taking good care of your dog's fur also helps to keep it smelling longer, without that unpleasant "wet dog" odor.

What are the 5 main precautions you should take with a short haired dog?

In order for the benefits mentioned above to be achieved, you must ensure proper care of your dog's hair. Check out the top 5 you should have and keep your best friend happy.

1) Use the right tools for brushing

For brushing to be done correctly, it is essential that you choose the correct material for the procedure. Always do with a brush suitable for dogs, which respects the peculiarities of both the hair and the skin of the animal. Thus, you avoid injuries and skin problems.

2) Brush regularly

Brushing should be done regularly - preferably at least once a week on the shorthaired dog. This is important to keep the skin oxygenated and remove possible daily dirt that is on it. It also helps to decrease the amount of hair that falls constantly, keeping your house clean on time.

3) Do not use brushes with metallic teeth

Metal toothbrushes are not recommended for dogs, especially for maintaining hair quality. This is because they cause the strands to break, in addition to increasing the oiliness of the dog's fur and skin in the long run.

4) Use appropriate shampoos and conditioners

Haircare also involves bathing. Using appropriate shampoos and conditioners is essential to maintain the shine and softness of the strands. In addition to the most suitable for the coat size, it is relevant to choose between those recommended for the animal's color. 

5) Observe changes in dog hair

Changes in dog hair can be indicative of long-term problems. For example, excessive falls, from the driest (or extremely oily), flaws in the coat, among others, can indicate health problems, from dermatitis (such as scabies) to nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it is essential to monitor daily the health of dogs with short hair.

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