The first thing you will want to do when looking for short black hairstyles (or short hairstyles especially made for Black women) is to get a list of style icons to emulate. There are many celebrities whom you can get inspiration from. Some of the big names in the world of short black hairstyles are:

Michelle Obama short hairstyle.

The ever simple yet stylish wife of President Obama is one of the persons who sport a great looking short hairstyle that you would want to have. Her short, straight hair is something she wears in a lot of White House functions. The look is of wash and wear style thus is very easy to manage.

Fantasia Barrino short hairstyle.

This American Idol winner remains to be very popular not only for her singing prowess but for the short black hairstyles she had worn through time. Just recently, she has this rock star punk look that any Black women would want to try. Just some mousse will help enhance the style.

Halle Berry short hairstyle.

This Oscar-winning actress never failed to impress when it comes to her short hairstyles. She was once known for having shoulder-leveled straight or curly hair. Later on, she was seen to have a short haircut that perfectly fits her slim and trim body. The good thing about these hairstyles worn by Berry is the fact that they can be straight at one time and curly in another. You simply have a choice.

Chandra Wilson short hairstyle.

Who will ever fail to include this Grey’s Anatomy star in their list of style icons for short black hairstyles? Obviously, you will emulate the look of this vivacious Hollywood star. There was a time she wore her short hair with fly away tips and at some point, she held the short hair back in a ponytail. Anything simply looks good on her. She also had her own version of the short curly style.

Rihanna short hairstyles.

The controversial singer was once known to project different types of hairstyles. She was most stunning in her bob cut but she looked perfectly awesome in her pixie hairstyle. She can carry every type of hairstyle she wants, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for short black hairstyles, you can begin looking at the haircuts worn by these popular women. Of course, there are yet other stars who you want to consider as inspirations. Take time out to see which of the haircuts sported by these women will look good on you.

Tap Into the Celebrity Influence

If you are looking for best haircut in Jersey City that will impress the opposite sex and get you noticed by passersby, consider tapping into the influence of the male celebrities that are being featured most predominantly in the media right now.

Men like Brad Pitt and George Clooney are known for their beautiful heads of hair. Less popular celebrities such as Keanu Reeves also have great hairstyles. If you want to stay up to date and modern with your hair style, consider mimicking a style that is being sported by a popular celebrity

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