Researchers at the University of Kansas, USA, claim to be able to guess 90% of a stranger's character only through their shoes.

I. Favorite shoes

1. Loafers, Boat shoes

People who like to wear Loafers, Boat Shoes are often concerned about their presence in a place, and of course the presence of the opposite sex there. They often take precautions against people who are too open. Loafers, Boat shoes are the suitable shoes for the bad boy's 18 to 25-year-olds, while those over 30 years old wearing them are very stylish and kind.

2. Runners

This is a popular type of shoes. People wearing black or navy Runners shoes (including Fitness sneakers and Fashion sneakers) which do not make a sound such as Vans, Keds, Converse have often practical mind. They choose partners who are not picky in appearance and too fastidious. While Runners shoes with outstanding colors show that their owners are quite eccentric. They are quite shy and often ignore the people around them. Those who choose bright and dark shoes are often confident in relationships and mastery of love.

3. Flip flops, Crocs, Toms, Birks

Those who like to wear these types truly worship comfort. The owner of the Flip flops does not usually care failure. While Crocs wearers often pay little attention to public opinion. A pair of Crocs paired with a pair of white socks is not a good choice if you want to show that you are an adult in front of a girl.

4. Dress shoes

This is a true image of luxury and maturity. However, those wearing it are tired big kids trying to prove themselves as adults. Therefore, if you want to guess if its owner is a real adult, you need to pay attention to small details such as shininess, brand, value, scratches on the shoe. People wearing Dress shoes have basic dress mistakes prove that they are "very young". The owner of white shoes or insole shoes often hides femininity inside.

5. Boots

Those who wear Boot are usually manly and gruff. They are often sensitive and have problems with violence. The higher the Boots sole, the more violent their owners are. While dust marks or lacerations will show that it is a quiet guy.

II. Other characteristics

1. They rarely change shoes

They are often nostalgic, fairly calm and know how to behave.

2. Their shoes are often of lower cost than the economic ability

These are people who are principled and quite conservative. They are often visionary in their work and their promotion based on their efforts rather than luck, so it often is slow.

3. They change shoes constantly and always inappropriate
This is a weak male model. They are often delusional about his ability and difficult to succeed in life.

4. They always choose black shoes

They are patriarchal and interested in control. If on the less solemn occasions they still use black shoes, be careful because they belong to the extremely patriarchal type.

5. They prefer to choose sport shoes

They are brave, self-reliant and stylish people. However, they are quite a perfectionist.

6. Value and brand

This will express their economic situation. However, if there is a gap between their shoes and other clothes, they are likely to be a bragged.

What about your men's shoes...?

“What a Man’s Shoes Can Tell You “– Destination Femme

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