Businesses often struggle due to improper logistics. Delivering products on time is easily one of the most crucial aspects of any retailer, wholesaler, or in this digitized world, e-tailer. In fact, having the right logistics company by your side can mean gaining a massive competitive edge in the industry. Companies like ShipCanada strive for this very reason—to take your business to greater heights by providing the most optimum logistics services across the globe.

Christopher Rowland founded ShipCanada (previously known as Equitrans Global Logistics) in 2003 in pursuit of offering companies a chance to maximize profits by opting for an expedited and affordable delivery network. The company specializes in four major segments including LTL, FTL, Air shipment, and Flatbed services. ShipCanada offers its services to both commercial and residential clients allowing businesses and individuals to benefit from their exquisite delivery service.

According to the founder, Christopher Rowland, logistics is among the most complex businesses to run swiftly. On any particular day, there are a bunch of problems that are needed to be taken care of in order to ensure the successful delivery of a dispatched order. This business also brings along hindrances that are out of a man’s control like accidents or unexpected weather conditions. These can delay freights incurring hefty charged on the company.

One of the greatest challenges for this company was quickening delivery times while costing less. He gave his untiring efforts to the business creating different points for its main market, Canada and America. The company operated from these points offering customers the chance to send and receive deliveries between these points covering the whole of Canada and the United States.

With over 20,000 carriers spread between the countries, ShipCanada manages to accommodate all kinds of shipments and capacities according to the client’s needs and requirements. One of the recent additions to their delivery services was that of the shipping boxes and pallets allowing businesses and individuals to trade important documents without having to travel from one place to another. ShipCanada has been expanding for nearly two decades now. The company has launched its cross-border services that businesses can acquire.
ShipCanada has become one of the biggest logistics services in Canada and America. Christopher knew that in order to keep moving forward in the right direction, he needs to amplify the use of contemporary tech and incorporate it into his service to enhance its efficiency.

Customers of ShipCanada have more than the abovementioned reasons to opt for this business as their logistics service. This company offers clients some of the most affordable rates between delivery points in Canada and the US. Clients can also enjoy real-time tracking technology through TMS tech and time saving since documents like bills of lading are prepared automatically.

ShipCanada has been bagging awards for its utmost service through the years. It employs a team of high-end professionals who are expert at logistics and can assist in resolving any issue that may arise during the delivery process. You can learn more about ShipCanada or hire them their website,

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