There are seven things you need to do to shift from ideas into action. These are my tips on how to nurture your creative ideas into reality.
Can you relate to this?

Do you ever get thinking about new ideas for your business, then get so caught up in talking about those new ideas and researching them that you get totally overwhelmed and never take action?

Analysis paralysis!

I have often suffered from this. Started my day feeling energetic and creative and full of vitality, and got so mired in detail that all of the joy and enthusiasm leaves me.

Then, nothing happens.

The article doesn't get written, the phone calls don't get made, the new workshop content doesn't get written. The list goes on.

I lose the energy and focus I need to keep going and do the things that my business needs for me to thrive.

I feel like giving up and going to watch Oprah!

Have you ever experienced that feeling? What has gone wrong?

There are seven things you need to do. These are my tips on how to nurture your creative ideas into reality:

1. Develop a Compelling Vision
If you don't have a clear vision for where you're going and a strategy to get there, you'll end up spinning your wheels for months and even years. A strong, compelling vision statement about something you're passionate about is the starting place to give you a road map to guide your actions.

2. Get Clear on Your Top Priorities
Prioritize each day either at the end or beginning of your day. Keep it simple. Make a list of two, or no more than three, things you can accomplish that day. And do them! Keep that commitment to yourself of limiting your priorities for three weeks and you'll have a high productivity habit for life.

3. Start an Idea File
Don't get attached to every creative idea that pops into your head. Start an idea file as a way to capture your creative ideas without feeling the urge to act on them. Your idea file can be either on your computer or an actual physical folder where you keep clippings and lists of ideas.

4. Take Action Consistently
Decide what actions you are going to take each day based on your priorities and vision. Commit to taking those actions as your first priority each day. Focus only on those high payoff activities that will give you the results you want. I don't know about you, but it helps me to commit to someone else about the actions I intend to take. For me, my mastermind team, my coach, and my virtual assistant all help me stay accountable and committed to the actions I want to take.

5. Give Yourself a Deadline
Our actions have a way of filling all the time we have available. If you allow yourself four hours to write your next article or plan your next workshop or whatever activity you need to accomplish, it will take you four or more hours. If you give yourself a tight deadline of only two hours, it will have the effect of making you super focused and productive so that you'll accomplish what you want to achieve in the time you set.

6. Ask Yourself a Focusing Question
Every hour throughout the day, stop and ask yourself: "Is what I'm doing right now getting me closer to my goals?" If it is, great. If it's not, this gives you a chance to course correct and get back on track.

7. Celebrate . . Go Play!
With those extra two hours you just gained, do something fun. Reward yourself for doing your best work. Spending time with friends and family, or doing some activity you enjoy will re-energize you and clear your mind so that you can be focused and productive the next day. This is a step that many people overlook, and I believe is the number one reason why they don't move their ideas into action.

Being inconsistent in putting your priorities into action delays your results. If you implement any one of these ideas, and you'll feel more empowered and have a real sense of accomplishment and productivity. This will lead to much better results for your business.

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