Shea butter has been used since time traditional, for its incredible ability to reinvigorate skin, by moistening and calming uneven patches, eliminating dark spots, preventing ageing, decreasing acne and stopping suntans.

Organic Shea butter is essentially the fat derived from the nut of the shea tree, which is native to Africa's warmer regions. Scientifically known as Vitellaria paradoxa, shea butter is a creamy solid at room temperature, appealing ivory colour. The effortless manner in which can spread this nut butter makes it an ideal ingredient in cosmetic and skincare products that can mainly condition dull and departed skin.

Containing copious amounts of skin-fortifying elements, Shea butter online significantly promotes skin health. The plenty of beneficial fatty acids like oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic acids, besides valuable ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin A and antioxidants give shea butter a topmost skincare component for people of all ages and with any skin type, be it dry, oily, normal, sensitive or a combination.

5 Proven Ways in Which Shea Butter Revitalises Skin Health:

• Moisturises and Softens Skin
African Shea butter maintains the excellent quality of sealing in moisture, to deeply hydrate the skin and repair vivacity to dull skin tissues. Using a shea butter moisturizer everyday vastly enhances skin surface, by supporting the humidity boundary between skin and the external environment, externally making the former look too oily.

• Confers Anti-Ageing Benefits
Imbued with the goodness of potent antioxidants, shea butter restores new healthy skin cells and decreases signs of untimely ageing, wrinkles and fine lines. Applying a generous layer of shea butter lotions and creams before bedtime helps minimize the perceptibility of stretch marks and bending, as night time is when skin cells support healing processes.

• Combats Microbial Infections
Shea butter hair products are valued for its rich fatty acid content and potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. These work in synergy, pimples besides controlling sebum production and defending skin upon infection-triggering microbes to overcome acne. Washing the face, hands and body with a foaming cleanser, soap, hand wash or body wash containing Shea butter stops skin infirmities.

• Offers Sun Protection
Naturally given with UV-protective factors, including an SPF of 5, strong triterpene esters, cinnamic acid, phytosterols and hydrocarbons, Shea butter helps as a comprehensive formation to sunscreen lotions. Rubbing on some Shea butter body milk, cream or moisturizer before stepping out in the blazing heat aids in shielding skin from redness, tanning and sunburns.

• Boosts Collagen Synthesis
Collagen is the critical protein that gives structure to skin, keeping an even complexion and a dynamic elasticity. Shea butter retains the strength of collagen fibres in lower layers of skin. Massaging the face and body with an adequate amount of anti-ageing cream soaked with Shea butter extracts prominently performs skin creamy, supple and glowing.

Imbued with excellent emollient properties, as well as ample vitamin E and organic fatty acids, shea butter infuses hydration to dull, dehydrated skin.

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