You are in the middle of your important meeting and you forgot what you have to say. Or maybe more frightening- you can not remember where you put the file. Have you ever been in this situation? No matter how many times it happens to you keep in mind that it’s not something unusual in today’s world. But instead of falling in bad mood, you can do some easy and funny games that will improve your brain functions such as memory and quicker thinking.

According to the father of game theory, John Neumann, games are math analysis of each situation which will lead to desired output (win). Therefore, bring into play your analytical skills with some ordinary games.

As you go through the day, try following things:

Make it everyday task to read quote, then memorize it and play though your mind over and over again. If you feel like it’s too boring for you, try to remember the list of things you have to take to the office. Or while you are waiting in the line in the grocery try to focus on your friend’s birthdays. Keep the mind busy all the time.

You can make it a habit to solve crossword puzzles in the newspaper or other memory games. Hidden object games are good workout that increases your concentration, analytic skills and intellectual capacity. At the same time you will feel fun and pleasure as you pass the levels. Call some friends and start to measure the time and scores of everyone’s turn.

Create your own games. For instance play the “name game”. When you see someone try to remember his name and relate with some personal characteristic. If you meet some Tad and he is tall write it in your mind as “T” man: tall Tad. Be creative in your way.

If you are looking for bigger challenge, try to recite the alphabet backwards. It really takes some work so you can tell quickly as the right version.

Mind game that will be forever present and requires deep critical thinking is chess. Before modern era captured the world, the royalties use to play to improve their ability to capture rival kingdom. You want to try your ability in this game?

Commit yourself to play mind games all the time. Inspire your mind to create new things such as writing poems or composing songs. Start to learn new language which is totally different from your native language. Whatever you do, just keep your mind entertained all the time.

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