Miles of beautiful desert, merging together with the blues of the clear Sinai sun and the turquoise waters of the warm Red Sea- that is what Sharm El Sheikh is known for. Add to this numerous hotels scattered around town, plenty of gorgeous beaches, welcoming restaurants serving delicious food and loads of entertainment for the entire family and what you get is a life time experience.

Sharm as it is known to visitors is divided into Neighborhoods

Naama Bay: is where first hotels appeared in the early 80s. Considered the heart of Sharm El Sheikh and it is the most famous tourist destination. Naama’s sea front boasts a beautiful paved walkway, multitude of shops, restaurants.

Nabq Bay: is 15 km of land past Tiran island with slightly cooler weather than the rest of Sharm El Sheikh. Not only does this quiet area boast amazing views over Tiran Island, it’s also a managed resource protected area.

Om El Sid Hill: Is located on a tip of a small peninsula of land. The center of this peninsula is known as El Hadaba a popular area for hotels and shopping complexes, various centers, offices and municipalities. This part of the city is largely residential.

Sharm El Maya: is a port and is the original “Old Town” area of Sharm El Sheikh. Many private yachts and boats anchor here, waiting to take divers to diving spots. The old market is located in this area and is built to resemble the typical side of Egypt.

As for the activities you can do in Sharm- they are in abundance. Here is just a small sampling of what you can do on your holiday…Dive or snorkel, of course. That’s a given! Sail! Take a beach cruise, parasail or windsurf – that’s a must! Dolphin watching? Yep. Boat rentals, Eco tours, naturally partying all night. Be part of the ever lasting fiesta, Sharm El Sheikh offers peaceful side, just a few kilometers away, lies Ras Mohamed National Park – Sinai largest natural protectorate boasting some magnificent scenery both on land and underwater.

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