Article Title: Sharing Some Spiritual Thoughts - Uplifting and Inspirational (from My Notes in the "Little Yellow Book") - Part Three
Shared by: Craig Lock
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"We share what we know, so that we all may grow."



Here are some short thoughts, quotations and key points (many from sources unknown) that I have collected and jotted down over the years in my "little yellow book". over the years (instead of collecting stamps or bottle-tops) . They have "kept me on track" (at least I think so), uplifted, encouraged and even greatly inspired me along the writing journey ... and hope they may do the same for you, whatever path in life you may choose to travel. Perhaps I'll include them in a new manuscript, so will share with you. ENJOY...


"Every moment we are influenced by the foot-prints of our past" (??)

Be "an oasis of hope" to others

"Always, always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."

"The redemptive power of love. Power without love is reckless and abusive. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice."

- Dr Martin Luther King, Jnr

"A champion of peace in a time of war"

Gandhi stood for the universal rights of humanity.

"I work for human rights for all."

Let our shared humanity and not our beliefs define us.

"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living creatures, man will not himself find peace."

- Dr Albert Schweizer

Believe, conceive and receive.

"Change can only happen when you change the hearts and minds of those who oppose you."

"A peace envoy before a military envoy"

- Ted Kennedy

The "literature of humanity"

Light a candle of hope

A darkness that we will illuminate with our hearts

Faith and politics are linked. Faith without involvement in the socio-political process is faith without works.

Don't seek to dominate other countries. Seek WIN-WIN solutions to problems. Work together in a multi-lateral approach to peace a new multi-lateral collaborative world.

The unlimited potential of the human condition.

"You are not what you think you are...

but what you THINK,

you ARE!"

- Brian Tracy, American motivational speaker

"To all of us who believe love rules,

stand up and let it shine."

- anon

Be a channel for the love of God.

empower as many people as possible

the redemptive power of love

celebrate diversity of people

"It is not necessary to succeed,

but to persevere."

- Alan Paton (author of 'Cry the Beloved Country')

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

Mahatma Gandhi (and Lance Armstrong)

I can't fix what you haven't given to me.

God lives THROUGH people

self reliance


Believe it to achieve it


"Live simply, so that others may simply live."

- Gandhi

Our thoughts create our life.

If you want nothing done, form a committee.

Find global solutions go hand in hand.

"One I put that helmet on, it's pure rage."

NZ Indy-car driver, Scott Dixon

The human element transcends divisions and binds us together

bridges of hope

a transformation of heart

eternal truths

"The truth is one."

A true story:

Hope for a new beginning - one not divided by the past, but with hope for (in) the future.

"You don't negotiate to make peace with your friends, but with your enemies."

"When you strengthen democracy, you strengthen the strands of peace."

"My life is defined by a search for justice."

A multi-pronged approach:

D iplomatic

E economic

P olitical

C ultural

M ilitary

Poverty of attitude. There are no limits to the change you can make in people's lives. Freeing creative energies- a sense of the possible. But only God can change people's hearts

Many small steps by many people will eventually reach the destination, their destiny.

"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket"

- Chinese proverb


"I love you in the very special way I've written about in these pages."

My interactions with others have enriched me greatly.

Do your best and never give up... and don't take yourself too seriously.

You are not on this earth by accident.

You have a purpose

You are worthy

You have a right to happiness

What we believe determines the outcome of our lives

We paint the picture on the canvas of our lives.

"A divinely imparted sense of purpose"

We learn more in the clash of civilizations (ignorance)??

You have to know yourself, before you can know God.


"Education is the food that feeds a family."

+ caring compassion

"where people care here's hope"

an entrepreneurial spirit

"Imagination is the highest kite I can fly."

- actress Lauren Bacall

As I pray I become

"The magic and mystery of Africa"

We are all more alike than different - people all over the world just want security and to "lead the good life"

"Your greatest obstacle can become your sweetest triumph."

-Lance Armstrong

All you need is resourcefulness and imagination

Leap and the net will appear


Compassion and


"A darkness we will illuminate with our hearts."

"I was in a situation where I had to make a decision - intellectual rational (one of the mind), or that of some kind of spiritual discipline and faith. The first one would be easy, the second hard. The first is about ego, the second about the battle inside you that gives life meaning.

I chose the hardest path - it was like having wings. I wanted to look at everything another way. It's no specific faith. It could be any religion - rather it's a deep belief in God and the human spirit"

- the words of Columbian hostage, Ingrid Betancourt on faith.

"Lord ,

Help me to do what I can

where I am

with what I have."

Shared by craig ("Information and Inspiration Distributor, Incorrigible Encourager and People-builder")

"We can all be channels of (or should that be for?) God's love."

"God is a mystery absolutely transcending human experience."

"Together, one mind, one soul at a time, let's see how many people we can impact, empower, encourage and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials. Change YOUR world and you help change THE world...for the better"



"If you do the work that you love, then you'll never have to work again (or do a day's work in your life)"

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In his life mission Craig hopes to help, encourage, motivate, uplift and perhaps even inspire people to be their best through realising their full potentials. His dream is seeing people finding, striving for the "seemingly impossible" and one day perhaps even realising their personal goals and dreams having great FUN along the journey. Craig has a 'passion' for writing books that tell stories about people doing positive things in this often so hard, sometimes unkind world, occasionally so cruel, yet always amazing world He loves 'telling tales', sharing true stories that leave the reader feeling uplifted, empowered and perhaps hopefully even inspired.

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"A book is small enough to hold in your hand; but when you read it, the walls fall away and you're in a room as big as the world."
A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”
- Chinese proverb

"A book, like a dog, is man's best friend, but inside it's too dark to read."

- Woody Allen (I "tink")

"Together, one mind, one soul at a time, let's see how many people we can impact, empower, encourage and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials. Change YOUR world and you help change THE world...for the better"