Olympic Games, known to be the Mecca of sport lovers are soon going to be held in 2012. According to the olympic games history, it is believed that the games commenced in 776 BC. The ancient Olympic games were played in every four years and the process continued for another 1200 years to come. Because of the Pagan influences, the games were abolished for a short time in between by Theodosius I, a Roman Emperor. After about 1500 years the process of the revival of these games began by a French aristocrat. Initially he met with a lot of resistance but slowly and gradually, with the passage of time, the games revived a little bit.

Sports enthusiasts always wonder what’s new in olympic games 2012, they want to know whether any new sports have been added to an already exhaustive list of games being placed in the Olympics. Watching Olympics 2012 will be no doubt a unique experience for sport lovers as every time there are some new records made and old records broken. It is a thrilling experience which should not be missed in any case. To know more about olympic games london 2012 event, one may visit their official website at london2012 dot com and plan to watch these games live. It is always better to plan to visit such games well in advance as many times the tickets to one’s beloved sports are difficult to fetch at the nick of the time. Online olympic game tickets are easily available that help people to plan well in advance and be assured that there will be no hassles and hurdles in watching their favorite sports and sport personalities playing this game.

In various avenues all over London and nearby areas, Olympic Games 2012 will be played. Before planning to buy tickets, one must know how, where and when these tickets are available for sale. For Olympic Football Tournament, tickets for sale are available between 11 am on 29 November and 6 pm on 6 February 2012. Similarly for Paralympics Games, tickets are available between 1 pm on 2 December 2011 and 6 pm on 6 February 2012 for sale. Only Visa Card, debit, credit and prepaid can only be used to purchase tickets. The tickets that are submitted for resale by those who have purchased these tickets lot in advance, one can purchase them by spring 2012.Complete olympic games schedule and Dates are available on the official website.

Some of the tickets are also available on first come, first serve basis. To buy tickets online, one needs to create an online ticketing account. One can then search sessions that show tickets that are available for Olympic Football Tournament and Paralympics Games. After searching sessions, one can select the session one would like to attend. Depending on availability, one can watch Paralympics Games with the help of three kinds of passes like Olympic Park Day pass, The Royal Artillery Barracks and ExCel Day pass. One can also look out for medal symbol while searching sessions. This will give the viewers an opportunity to see victory ceremony.Online Olympic Game Tickets have made it easier for sport enthusiasts to watch their favorite games and game players live.

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olympic games are just appearing down and preparation for game is on track. Find the olympic games schedule to plan previously and know when is a date for booking olympic games tickets.