Two genres in India incorporate the highest number of “replay” buttons: Hip-hop and Punjabi music. These two genres are industry’s powerhouses in themselves, and when these two bands together, what comes out is a masterpiece of musical fusion and inter-genre excellence. Manifesting this very concept excellently, we must reminisce on the groundbreaking success and worldwide applaud for once such fantastic track, “Sharabi Teri Tor,” (, dropped by no other than the melody prince of Punjabi music, JS Atwal.
Starting with a mesmerizing soundscape created by a plucked MIDI instrument, Vox effects, and reversed ambient synths, the song drops down to the one-kick-two-clap beat, creating a bouncy groove and engaging vibe that makes the listener want to dance. Without taking much time, Atwal enters the sonic playground with his powerful yet sweet vocals, riding the beat almost effortlessly and then transcending into the catchiest part of the track – a well-crafted and captivating hook. The chorus adds a snare to the beat and a processed cowbell, making it even more impactful.
The song quickly transitions into the second verse with the same instrumentation, except an electronic mellow Rhodes piano playing the background, adding more flavor to the music. After the second hook comes Bohemia, the pioneer of Punjabi Hip-hop and one of the best-selling rappers of the country, who puts down dazzling rhyme schemes and engrossing lyrical content blended with his signature husky cadence. His rap adds more value to the already exciting groove of the track, which is followed by a third verse by Atwal, finishing it off with another loop of the hook in style.
The 3:36 song garnered countless views on streaming platforms as the listeners kept on hitting the replay button, whereas the groundbreaking track put JS Atwal on the map by securing 3 million views on YouTube. Not only the audio, but the visuals are shot at a set of beautiful outdoor locations. The music video is flashy, colorful, and soothing, featuring the gorgeous Lola Gomez, making the entire production a treat to both Punjabi and Hip-hop music lovers all over the country.

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