When winter is approaching, all animals will start to eat a lot more foods than usual so as to prepare for the general lack of food during winter. Our human ancestors also used to do that before refrigerators were invented. This is to build up their internal fat storage for usage during times of no food. This primeval urge still exists today. Research done by the Georgia State University has shown that people will tend to eat 10 per cent more calories just before Christmas. This excess of over 200 calories a day cause many people to start gaining weight even before the holiday season!

After October, the food industry will typically increase the amount of advertising to make the most dollars out of this primeval tendencies. Anybody who wish to maintain their level of health should take care not to be affected by this increased advertising. If you want to remain slim, you should not be tempted when you see food stores playing Christmas carols and with decorations everywhere. You should just buy what you need and not to buy more food just because of the promotions.

Research has also shown that overweight people are more sensitive to the availability and presence of food. This also mean that the more frequent they go to food stores, the temptation to buy unnecessary amounts of food is also increased. Thus, if you goal is to lose weight, then you should definitely reduce the number of visits to the supermarkets right before Christmas. You can even draw up a shopping list so that you stick to only what you need to buy. Supermarket marketers know that by placing foods at certain places, such as near the check out counter, they can receive more sales. Take special care not to give in to temptations at such places, since the foods placed there are generally expensive and lack nutrients while being high in fats and sugar content.

There was a study done on an overweight lady, and she was closely observed for several weeks to help her lose weight. Her daily habits were also monitored. The trainer got her to promise to walk at least once around the entire perimeter of the shopping center before going inside and making a purchase. She was also forced to take only a short period of time buying foods in the supermarkets. Simply by doing this, she lost over 20 pounds in a few months! This may seem incredulous, but the concept behind is really simple. Start becoming more active, and buy less unnecessary foods to lose weight.

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