The last time I spoke to a friend of mine called, Errol Campbell, we touched upon the effect that the mother/father wound can have on someone , and this time we looked into another important area. But before I got into what this was, I want to talk about how this topic came up.

This was something that came up after he mentioned a self-development video that he had watched recently. It was a video that had been viewed many times and it had a very ‘positive’ message.

The Way Things Are

From what he said, I thought that this video had a lot in common with a lot of the videos that are popular online. If a video talks about the so-called positive side of life, it is likely to do far better than a video that goes deeper.

To be more precise, a video that talks about how to be happy or how to attract good things is likely to be more popular than video that goes into how important it is to work through our pain. After all, it is feels far better to experience pleasure than it does to experience pain.

Vital Work

So, after he spoke about this video, he lamented the fact that the videos that are popular don’t talk about shadow work. Errol is a teacher who assists others in doing this type of work, so he knows how important it is.

I would say that even though there are a lot of people who are into self-development, very few people go to a deeper level. In a lot of cases, this is just another way for someone to avoid their pain, not face it.

A Big Impact

Along with his, he wondered what kind of effect this was having on the world. What this comes down to is that when we don’t deal with what is taking palace at a deeper level, it ends up being externalised.

Therefore, someone can’t completely avoid the baggage within them; events, situations and circumstances will be created to allow them to become aware that which they have disconnected from within themselves. With this in mind, if someone wants to make the world a better place, it will be essential for them to work through their own issues.

An Active Participant

What this shows it that it is not possible for someone to simply observe the world; they are playing a part in what happens. Without realising it, their unacknowledged issues can be fuelling the drama that they see around them.

I have heard Errol use the term ‘Shadow work’ before, but it is not a term that I have used. Still, the kind of work that he is referring to is a fundamental part of what I write about.

Final Thoughts

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